Myfanwy Owen
A veritable feast
Mon Dec 11, 2017 09:23

On a bright early April morning, Myfanwy wouldn’t be anywhere but at the AgriClub allotment, checking the plants, readjusting the nets, and pulling up any weeds. Other members of the club were welcome to come and do this in their own time, too, as well as during club meetings, but Myffi liked to come down every third day or so herself, just to keep an eye on things. It wouldn’t be long until the first crops could be harvested. From the looks of it, they could pull in some of the early sprouting potatoes, spring onions, lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower. The other salad vegetables wouldn’t be ready until the weather was a bit warmer, so the lettuce would need to be thinned out without accompaniment, but the herbs were flourishing nicely. As a celebration of their first successful harvest, Myfanwy wanted the group to prepare and enjoy a meal together, comprised only of the food they had organically grown.

Mid-weeding, with bare knees (protruding from denim cut-offs) resting on the slightly due-damp ground, the toes of her canvas shoes with the rainbow coloured laces steadying her, Myffi looked up as another presence joined her at the allotment. “Nothin’ like a bright sunny morning to make the world feel right,” she greeted cheerfully, Welsh accent heavily lilting her words. The fifth year stood, paying no heed to the dirt on her knees, but she did push back up to her elbows the long sleeves of her pink and orange tie-dyed top, which had slid unbidden down to her wrists.

“I was just thinking it won’t be long til some of these beauties can be harvested.” Her delight and enthusiasm were both evident. “Got a few ideas about what dish to serve, as well,” she chattered on happily. “A soup would be easy, obviously. But it might be more fun to try something else, like maybe some sort of stir fry, or a dry curry. I guess it would depend on whether or not people wanted to just use only ingredients form the club, or if we could add in some other organic, locally grown foods, maybe like spices and things.” She stopped her verbalised musings long enough to enable her companion to voice an opinion, if in deed they had one.

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