Stella E.M. Ramiro
Which ones are poisonous though? (Asking for a friend)
Wed Dec 13, 2017 14:23

Stella, unlike most of her peers, enjoyed mornings for no other reason than the fact that others hated them. Anything that was mainstream, including things like distaste for Mondays or vegetables, were easy targets she actively liked so that she could stand out from the rest of the morons who wanted to "fit in". Imagine her absolute horror when her mother bought her a a shirt with Garfield's famous motto on it, and her mother's when she charmed the shirt instead to say "boys" instead. It was exactly why she decided to wear it this bright and early morning, so that any boy (Merlin bless them), who would be stupid enough to talk to her during any time of the day got a hint. Her dyed black hair bounced as she skipped to the fields outside the school, towards the garden that belonged to some club within the school.

The Lyra enjoyed picking potions ingredients, or just anything they grew at all, not only because she enjoyed them being fresh, but also because she enjoyed spying on the people gardening. Gardening, as you could probably guess, is extremely strenuous, boring, immensely dull, but particularly torturous, and she enjoyed it, but she was extremely bad at it, anything that she touches seemingly dying after a few weeks. It couldn't be because she didn't water them, nor gave them nutrient, or the amount of sunlight she bathed them in, because all of these things she researched closely and meticulously to make sure her plants would stay alive, but alas she didn't have a green thumb.

Why the spying? Well would you know Stella to join something as ridiculous as a club of any sort? What was she, a prep? No siree, she was okay being the weird kid, that way no one would invite her to uncomfortable social parties where she was expected to do things like "small talk" and "smile". She shuddered at the very thought of accidentally smiling at a boy, disgusted at whatever they perceived as "mixed signals".

Unfortunately, however, someone was already there and caught sight of her walking towards them. The girl mentioned something about cooking the ingredients- an idea Stella wasn't particularly opposed to.

"Cooking them would be fun," she started. "But making potions out of them would be more fun, although-" she poked a piece of lettuce, "I haven't really discovered the magical properties of lettuce and broccoli. Maybe something sickening?" She pondered. She knew the reason why most people hated vegetables had nothing to do with taste buds, but the reality that most people are ginormous babies. Perhaps she could make some sort of potion that made everything taste like wilted broccoli during her future experiments.

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    • Which ones are poisonous though? (Asking for a friend) - Stella E.M. Ramiro, Wed Dec 13 14:23
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