Ruben Lundqvist
Oh how naive you are
Thu Dec 14, 2017 19:51

When Ruben found out that regular exercise was one of the big recommendations from the Medical Experts in charge of the mystery that was Kaye, he had not volunteered himself immediately as her personal trainer. But that had been because Kaye was snoring off the drugs on his shoulder. There was zero point making a scene when she wasn't conscious or coherent enough to appreciate it anyways. Plus, her dads had been back in the room and taking up the doctor's attention with other questions and comments that Ruben had opted to tune out rather than make himself heard over and therefore risk waking up the sleeping idiot beside him. Kaye might have the intelligence level of only one-and-a-half Emmetts when she was on... whatever drugs she was on then... but he assumed she'd still grump like normal about being woken up.

Which was why, upon their first proper hangout post-Midterm at the restaurant of suspiciously cheap Muggle soup witchery, he had seized the chance to announce it then with a casual "Oh, and on the topic of 'things you missed while on very strong drugs', the doctors put me in charge of your exercise routine". She hadn't believed him, of course, but he had used his well-honed skills of persuasion and maybe a bit of coercion to get her on board. Or at least on board enough to let him have it his way, obviously the best way, because who the hell else could have done it properly? Ruben was the buffest guy around. He probably took exercise and the body more seriously than, like, half the school combined.

It was also why he had taken such evil genuine satisfaction in making sure that three of the seven days of the week required an early morning excursion to the great (underground) outdoors. Grumpy Kaye was by far one of his favourite Kayes. Today was no exception.

"What is that you are saying? You are so far away, did I hear you right?" Feigning concentration, Ruben cupped a hand around his ear, dramatically angling it around and then aiming it way, way down at the younger girl, lying on the ground. "Did you say that exercising yesterday should mean you get a lazy day?" The angle of his body strategically hid the movement of his free hand inching towards the strap around his neck. Cue a loud:


"Wrong! Consistency is important," the Swede informed her cheerfully, pulling the whistle back from his lips. He'd nabbed it from the supply shed all the way back in January. It was one of the whistles used in school Quidditch matches, but he needed it more than any captain or ref or whoever. He had to keep Kaye's attention somehow, and the silver whistle with its ear-piercing shriek was the perfect choice. "Besides, you worked soooo hard yesterday, we must keep it up! It is a good momentum! The better you work your body, the better your body works," he lectured her with a broad smirk. He had come up with the phrase himself just last week and was pleased with the chance to use it... again.

Kaye lying down barely upon passing the Pitch was not the most convenient, but also very much not the first time it had happened, so without much pause, he dropped the whistle and crouched down in front of her. The whistle's swinging mixed with gravity and it tapped lightly back in place on his chest. Well, between it. That was more accurate. Ruben's hoodie was zipped only halfway up to block the cooler morning breeze, but that halfway left his marvelous pectorals exposed, and the whistle settled perfectly between those well-defined curves. Shame about his abs being covered, but they'd get their chance later. Once the sun was fully up and/or out. Morning workouts could wait for nothing - not late sunrises, or cloudy skies, or both!

"Since you are already down here," he announced, lightly slapping his wide palms down over her (ridiculous but more practical than any of the other toe-eating nightmares she owned) shoes and pushing at them to encourage her to bend her knees a bit more, "how about we will start with crunches today? I know that sounds like a question but really it is a choice. You can do either twenty crunches or a lap of the Pitch with me." He smiled at her innocently. "What a hard choice, I know!"

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    • Oh how naive you are - Ruben Lundqvist, Thu Dec 14 19:51
      • Who, me? Never. - Kaye, Thu Dec 14 20:15
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              • I'm not sure it's helping anything - Kaye, Sun Dec 24 23:53
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                  • Depends, what do you think? - Kaye, Fri Dec 29 15:57
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