Who, me? Never.
Thu Dec 14, 2017 20:15

Kaye shrieked dramatically and covered her ears with her hands. Screw the lighter; she was going to steal that damn whistle. And then burn it. Melt it. Bury it. And then put a little hex around it so anyone who tried to recover it would only hear the whistling in their ears until they bled. It was too early for this crap! She made another whining noise and flopped over in Ruben’s direction, hoping her pouting face would be enough to get him to take pity and change plans for the day.

No such luck.

She wasn’t surprised. Ruben was ridiculous, cared so much about exercise, and it came out of a place of caring. A weird, enthusiastic, obnoxious place of caring. Kaye doubted he’d do this for anyone else. Well, mostly. He’d probably do it for Holland. She counted herself lucky that she and Ruben were in Aquila while Holland lived in Lyra. If they all shared the same common room, it was likely that Kaye would never get alone time with her best friend. At least, she based that assumption off of their very flirtatious display at the party. That bothered her more than she liked, but she didn’t have anyone to talk to about it. What, was she supposed to tell Ruben? He’d just make fun of her. She couldn’t tell Holland because they’d probably feel bad, and it wasn’t Kaye’s call who they did or didn’t flirt with.

Anyway, Kaye let out a very whiny, “Noooooooooo…” when Ruben got closer and put his hands on her feet. It wasn’t the first, or the last, time she’d decided to lie down as soon as they got to their workout spot; she knew what was coming next. He gave her a choice: crunches or running. If she did crunches, she wouldn’t have to get off of the ground, and that was tempting. Plus, Ruben was close, and she didn’t mind that. Super plus that his usual workout clothes were very flattering and she was a little more physically inclined than usual since the party. If they’d walked back together (which they hadn’t, shame), she would have insisted on looping her arm through his the whole walk to Aquila. She left pretty much right after the volleyball game, claiming boredom, so missed opportunity there. Whatever.

The other option was running, and who in their right mind would choose that? There was never a situation where Kaye would want to run. That sounded terrible.

“I hate you,” she sighed and resigned herself to crunches. Her arms moved so her hands were behind her head (hat and wig charmed into place, duh) and took a deep breath before sitting up for the first time. “I hate you,” she said, coming up a second time, “And your stupid whistle,” a third time, “And your cheerful morning person attitude,” a fourth, “You’re the worst.”

She collapsed to the ground with a groan, slightly out of lazy and also out of ow, her body sucked, why. Then, Kaye had an idea. An idea that was totally not at all caused by her feelings from the party, realizing how much she liked Ruben, and how weird she felt watching him flirt with someone else the whole time. No, this plan was one hundred percent fueled by her desire to get out of this morning workout. This was so easy; how had she never thought of this before?

This was a game changer.

Not even listening to whatever snarky, teasing motivation Ruben was totally saying, Kaye sat up for her fifth crunch, reached out her arms to steady herself so she could sit up all the way, and kissed Ruben directly on lips.

  • Oh how naive you are - Ruben Lundqvist, Thu Dec 14 19:51
    When Ruben found out that regular exercise was one of the big recommendations from the Medical Experts in charge of the mystery that was Kaye, he had not volunteered himself immediately as her... more
    • Who, me? Never. - Kaye, Thu Dec 14 20:15
      • His smile widened, transitioning seamlessly from 'innocent' to 'smug', when Kaye declared that she hated him. Victory! Not that Ruben had expected for even a monent that she might choose to run... more
        • Kaye thought it’d feel good to kiss Ruben. Everyone made such a big deal over kissing. It seemed like that was one of the only things the upper years consistently interested themselves in. It was all ... more
          • On the one hand, making out was always a good time. Certainly much better than boring old kissing. There were more ways to experience it, feeling subtle (or not) shifts in the power balance, and... more
            • I'm not sure it's helping anything - Kaye, Sun Dec 24 23:53
              Ruben reached out and tucked hair behind her ears, and it took a lot of self-control not to lean into his touch. No one ever did that for Kaye before. Most people didn’t get close enough to touch... more
              • Does this help? - Ruben, Wed Dec 27 23:24
                Although it was totally accurate to say that Ruben had taken a while to pick up on English slang and still wasn't quite perfect at it, "It's fine" was not one of those phrases yet outstanding. In... more
                • Depends, what do you think? - Kaye, Fri Dec 29 15:57
                  Thirteen crunches were doable. She didn’t remember doing the first seven, but at least that was seven fewer than she needed to do now. After this, he’d probably make her do something ridiculous like... more
                  • I think this is going nowhere - Ruben, Sat Dec 30 23:41
                    Punching was an excellent method of conflict resolution. A well-developed punch was swift, both in the literal meaning of the word but also in terms of quickly finding a conclusion. A well-delivered... more
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