I understand this may be hard for you to accept
Sun Dec 17, 2017 16:03

His smile widened, transitioning seamlessly from 'innocent' to 'smug', when Kaye declared that she hated him. Victory! Not that Ruben had expected for even a monent that she might choose to run instead, but he had wondered if she would put in the effort of fighting him on it today. Clearly not. Actually, it looked like all of her effort was going into raising herself for a crunch, he quickly re-evaluated, one thick brow arching critically as he observed her. "Not as much as I hate bad form," he quipped back as Kaye announced her hatred for him a second time. "Your elbows are wibbling. Remember, do not push your head at all if you can help it. That is useless."

Crunches in general were kind of useless, to be fair. When you got to his level of physical prowess, you didn't waste time lying on the ground. Ruben far preferred to do his version of crunches in the air - swinging from a tree branch, or even his loaned broom when Quidditch practices got dull, alternating chin-ups with drawing his knees to his chest. It was almost a full-body workout. Way more efficient than working just the abs in ground crunches and striking various poses, like the classic hands behind the head that Kaye was doing now, to get one's arms out of the way. Ruben figured he might as well make use of his arms, too. He also felt it would do Kaye good... or rather, that it would be a good goal for her to work up to, since his only attempts at making her do chin-ups so far had resulted in comical crashes and more I hate yous. How she was this old and still couldn't do a single chin-up, he couldn't understand.

He snorted at her 'morning person' accusation. "Focus on your body! Use that hate as fuel. And keep it inside. Fuel does no good on the outside." Addressing the comment itself wasn't necessary right now, as all he would have said was that he was also a night person and what was her point anyways, but redirecting her attention to what mattered - the workout - was definitely necessary. It was not infrequent that Kaye got distracted and he had to intervene. She just didn't have the discipline for long workouts. But fan, he wished sometimes that she'd put a little more concentration into it. Exercise was important for her to stay healthy and hopefully not be in the hospital again. He didn't mind being hated, for real or as a joke, but it would be great if she could respect what he was doing for her, going out of the way to adapt his schedule for dragging her into it and all.

(...Not that Ruben needed appreciation. That was dumb. But less whining and more doing would be better for her, too.)

Speaking of which. "Are you giving up already?" Ruben rolled his eyes. "You are not even one quarter there!" This was just further proving his point. Kaye was so focused on being grumpy instead of what mattered that she couldn't keep up the physical work for long enough. Maybe he should emphasize this for her now. Ruben was pretty sure he'd explained it, like, every day they had worked out so far, but apparently it had not stuck. He might as well throw the spaghetti again. "Working out is all about repeating, repeating, which means you are in for the long goal, ja? You must have stamina. If you go too easy on your body, it will forge--"

Kaye kissed him.


Ruben didn't realize he'd frozen up until she pulled back. Freezing up was totally not something he did when being kissed, so that was weird. But this was also weird confusing. Ever since it had come out between them that Kaye liked him, things had been comfortable; they were almost friends-with-benefits, except a special type of benefits that included mostly cuddling and holding hands and those sorts of warm fuzzies that Ruben habitually refused to be associated with outside of relationship-y whatevers. He had genuinely never considered kissing Kaye, which he consciously reasoned was because she had Never Been Kissed Ever and he didn't feel it his place to change that without her initiating first. But now that she was initiating, the less conscious revelation was poking him, which was the simple and yet very complicated matter of how he wasn't... He couldn't say 'attracted', because yes she was attractive, but he didn't see her and feel it the way he did with other people.

"Was that your show of appreciation for all my hard work training you?" he joked, putting on a grin that didn't fit him as well as usual because he was still musing over how weird confusing this all was. Kaye was cool, absolutely the best (non-Dagny) female friend he'd had, and there was no reason why he shouldn't want to kiss her. Maybe he just had to work up to it? Maybe it would grow on him? Maybe he should kiss her himself? Before he could spiral any farther, Ruben raised one hand to her face and leaned in, hesitating just a moment before going for it.

  • Who, me? Never. - Kaye, Thu Dec 14 20:15
    Kaye shrieked dramatically and covered her ears with her hands. Screw the lighter; she was going to steal that damn whistle. And then burn it. Melt it. Bury it. And then put a little hex around it so ... more
    • I understand this may be hard for you to accept - Ruben, Sun Dec 17 16:03
      • Kaye thought itíd feel good to kiss Ruben. Everyone made such a big deal over kissing. It seemed like that was one of the only things the upper years consistently interested themselves in. It was all ... more
        • On the one hand, making out was always a good time. Certainly much better than boring old kissing. There were more ways to experience it, feeling subtle (or not) shifts in the power balance, and... more
          • I'm not sure it's helping anything - Kaye, Sun Dec 24 23:53
            Ruben reached out and tucked hair behind her ears, and it took a lot of self-control not to lean into his touch. No one ever did that for Kaye before. Most people didnít get close enough to touch... more
            • Does this help? - Ruben, Wed Dec 27 23:24
              Although it was totally accurate to say that Ruben had taken a while to pick up on English slang and still wasn't quite perfect at it, "It's fine" was not one of those phrases yet outstanding. In... more
              • Depends, what do you think? - Kaye, Fri Dec 29 15:57
                Thirteen crunches were doable. She didnít remember doing the first seven, but at least that was seven fewer than she needed to do now. After this, heíd probably make her do something ridiculous like... more
                • I think this is going nowhere - Ruben, Sat Dec 30 23:41
                  Punching was an excellent method of conflict resolution. A well-developed punch was swift, both in the literal meaning of the word but also in terms of quickly finding a conclusion. A well-delivered... more
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