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Wed Dec 20, 2017 09:11

The dark-haired girl who joined her was one of the younger students; Myffi didn’t know her. She didn’t think the beginner had ever even been to one of the AgriClub meetings, either, but she wasn’t about to turn away anyone who might be interested in the collective food garden. She suggested making potions out of the food, rather than just cooking it. The fifth year considered this option with her head tilted to the side. It was true she always tried to use organic potions ingredients whenever she could (and vegan ones, too, when the substitutions were possible, even though Rob really didn’t seem to understand why Myffi would want to do that, and he consequently graded her work down as a result, even though she ended up working harder than the other students in the class to try and get the same outcome without using planet-harming ingredients), so she was open to the suggestion, however she didn’t think that some spring vegetables would go very far in making any sort of potion.

“I’m not convinced lettuce and broccoli have any magical properties,” she said lightly to the other girl - she didn’t want to discourage her interest, or to make her contribution invalid. “Although if they do, I don’t think people would be very interested in making something sickening,” she used the other girl’s words. Myffi brushed strands of her own dark hair, that had broken free from her high ponytail while she had been working, back from her face “I mean, to put all the effort in to grow the food, wouldn’t you want a reward for that? Not something to make you sick,” she reasoned.

“If we could find a fun potion that uses spring onion and cauliflower then I’m sure everyone would be open to that,” Myfanwy mused with enthusiasm. Then, because it was always great to have extra helpers in the club, she said, “You haven’t been to AgriClub before, have you? I’m Myffi. I’m not really in charge, because it’s a group effort, but I have experience growing organic food before so I am sort of taking lead.” She smiled. “You should totally come. We’re going to plant some autumn-harvesting crops soon, so you can help decide what to grow, if you have any ideas.”

  • Which ones are poisonous though? (Asking for a friend) - Stella E.M. Ramiro, Wed Dec 13 14:23
    Stella, unlike most of her peers, enjoyed mornings for no other reason than the fact that others hated them. Anything that was mainstream, including things like distaste for Mondays or vegetables,... more
    • Nothing you'll find here - Myfanwy, Wed Dec 20 09:11
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