No kidding. This isn't helping my muscles, like, at all
Thu Dec 21, 2017 00:13

On the one hand, making out was always a good time. Certainly much better than boring old kissing. There were more ways to experience it, feeling subtle (or not) shifts in the power balance, and Ruben, well, he did thrive on toying with power balances. He tended towards assertiveness to the point of aggression in most situations in life, but to what seemed to be the surprise of everyone he got more… personally involved with, he did enjoy taking physical encounters in a softer direction, too. At least sometimes. That was sort of the whole point of power, after all. It was boring to be on top all the time; in both sparring and life, you needed partners who could hold their own and inspire you to go harder. Better.

On the other hand, nothing was always anything. Not even food (almost always delicious) or sleep (almost always comfortable) or, ja, making out, too. Making out was always a good time until it wasn’t. Ruben was indeed having a good time until he cracked an eye open, just a bit, and remembered who was on the other end.

Which, fan, that sounded terrible, and it was just in his own head that he’d heard it. Normally things didn’t sound too terrible until they made it out into the air where they could be heard by more than himself. (Even then, normally they didn’t sound terrible to him at all, because um why would he say anything less than what he thought or believed?) But even as he thought it, he was wincing, fortunately internally rather than betraying it across their lips. This was ridiculous. Kaye was a great friend and he did really care for her, so why did it feel so weird kissing her?

...Maybe something had betrayed his thoughts after all. Kaye pulled back, which he very briefly convinced himself was just because she was new to the whole “figuring out how to keep breathing while making out” thing. But then she spoke and made that face. The one that he would never admit to calling ‘scared’ because she would probably impale him with her evil heels for even suggesting it, despite it totally being a scared face. Kaye had some issues accepting being scared, which was yet another thing she would probably impale him for. If he was in a joking mood, he would’ve cracked a mental (and possibly out-loud) joke about how at least heels were good for something. It didn’t feel right, though, and Ruben, with a small exhalation that definitely was not a sigh, resigned himself to possibly having a conversation he neither wanted or knew how to.

“No, you are not bad,” the blonde assured Kaye quickly, straightening a bit of her hair behind her ear before withdrawing his hand. “You are great. And I am saying that for real, I promise.” Ruben meant it, and he hoped that his smile conveyed that, because he wasn’t sure yet what else he was going to say but it probably wouldn’t be what she wanted to hear. Having noticed how she had increased the space between them, he made the difficult decision to settle back in his kneeling stance as well. He would’ve preferred them to be closer for whatever this was. But if distance was what she wanted, he wouldn’t force it. “I am not sure why exactly it is,” he began to explain, though he was immediately a bit distracted at realizing there was a very unwanted warmth starting in his cheeks. Damnit, was he blushing? Why did Kaye do this to him?

“But, even though I really care about-- I really like you,” he stressed, “and I want this thing we have now to continue, I also do not… I don’t know.” The way he cut himself off could be described as grumpy. “I don’t know why, but it feels weird to kiss you. Is it just because we are so close as friends, too? Only that does not even make a little sense. Fan, I don’t know.” Ruben exhaled again, this time actually not a sigh, more of a huff, and rubbed at the back of his neck purely for the sake of doing something with his hand. He despised not knowing, especially when it came to things to do with himself, and this was really making him realize it. “I am sorry, Kaye. This is stupid.”

  • Kaye thought it’d feel good to kiss Ruben. Everyone made such a big deal over kissing. It seemed like that was one of the only things the upper years consistently interested themselves in. It was all ... more
    • No kidding. This isn't helping my muscles, like, at all - Ruben, Thu Dec 21 00:13
      • I'm not sure it's helping anything - Kaye, Sun Dec 24 23:53
        Ruben reached out and tucked hair behind her ears, and it took a lot of self-control not to lean into his touch. No one ever did that for Kaye before. Most people didn’t get close enough to touch... more
        • Does this help? - Ruben, Wed Dec 27 23:24
          Although it was totally accurate to say that Ruben had taken a while to pick up on English slang and still wasn't quite perfect at it, "It's fine" was not one of those phrases yet outstanding. In... more
          • Depends, what do you think? - Kaye, Fri Dec 29 15:57
            Thirteen crunches were doable. She didn’t remember doing the first seven, but at least that was seven fewer than she needed to do now. After this, he’d probably make her do something ridiculous like... more
            • I think this is going nowhere - Ruben, Sat Dec 30 23:41
              Punching was an excellent method of conflict resolution. A well-developed punch was swift, both in the literal meaning of the word but also in terms of quickly finding a conclusion. A well-delivered... more
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