Depends, what do you think?
Fri Dec 29, 2017 15:57

Thirteen crunches were doable. She didn’t remember doing the first seven, but at least that was seven fewer than she needed to do now. After this, he’d probably make her do something ridiculous like go jogging after all. It wouldn’t be hard in her sneakers, just weird. Sometimes her body wasn’t sure how to walk with her feet so flat. Kaye always felt like a powerful badass in her usual shoes; she could’ve really used that extra power right now. Nothing about this situation made her feel like she was in charge.

“One, two…” she started from the beginning, planning to count all the way to thirteen. When her determination took over, she could do crunches at a pretty good pace. Ruben said something, but Kaye wasn’t interested in listening, so she began counting louder. “Three, four, fi- hey!”

Ruben had grabbed on to her shoulders, which completely stopped her momentum. For a brief moment, the Aquila considered just going completely limp and seeing what Ruben would do with her dead weight. If she weighed more, it might have done something, but Kaye was about as heavy as a republican’s soul (spoiler, they had no souls), that did nothing. She struggled briefly before stopped and glaring at Ruben instead.

"I know this is not fine. But we can talk about it, okay?”

“Seriously, you want to talk? Why can’t we just punch things instead?” It was how Ruben liked to deal with most things, so she thought it was a fair suggestion. At the very least, it’d get her out of this mess that she really didn’t want to deal with now. Or ever. Why was this happening? She should’ve just kept her thoughts to herself and taken them out on Heather. Ruben liked punching; Kaye liked to torment Heather. It brought her joy.

This, however, did not bring her joy. It was supposed to, but here they were. And Ruben was blushing again. Kaye didn’t understand. Blushing must be different in Sweden, since the other Aquila seemed to have no idea what or why it was happening. Usually, people blushed when they were embarrassed or felt a strong emotion. Ruben’s default emotions were “punching” and “punching even harder,” and she couldn’t imagine that he ever felt embarrassed. That meant he’d have to feel something like shame.

"I mean, it is not helpful but also not a thing that needs fixing. What needs fixing is... me, I think."

Kaye was silent for a few moments. Then, she looked up at her friend with an unwavering stare. “Fine, let me help with that.” She hadn’t thought it through, but she did it anyway. Her leg, in the perfect position, pulled back and her sneakered foot hit Ruben right where it would hurt the most. She only wished she was wearing heels. “There. Fixed.”

  • Does this help? - Ruben, Wed Dec 27 23:24
    Although it was totally accurate to say that Ruben had taken a while to pick up on English slang and still wasn't quite perfect at it, "It's fine" was not one of those phrases yet outstanding. In... more
    • Depends, what do you think? - Kaye, Fri Dec 29 15:57
      • I think this is going nowhere - Ruben, Sat Dec 30 23:41
        Punching was an excellent method of conflict resolution. A well-developed punch was swift, both in the literal meaning of the word but also in terms of quickly finding a conclusion. A well-delivered... more
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