I think this is going nowhere
Sat Dec 30, 2017 23:41

Punching was an excellent method of conflict resolution. A well-developed punch was swift, both in the literal meaning of the word but also in terms of quickly finding a conclusion. A well-delivered punch was efficient and got straight to the point. And overall, a punch or exchange of punches was highly ranked among aesthetically appealing interactions. However, though it could be applied to pretty much any type of situation, Ruben did have a sense of appropriateness. This particular situation didn't seem to call for punching.

But apparently kicking was still on the table, at least for Kaye.

He had met her stare solidly, a little confused as her phrasing made it sound like she could help right away and how could she do that when they had barely figured out that something was wrong to begin with? But then she literally kicked him in the balls and - with an explosive "Jävla smutsiga grisar i helvete!" - Ruben let go of her completely and sunk back down on his shins. He was still kneeling, and Kaye was literally half-lying on the ground, and how in the hell had she managed to kick him like that? If he was reflecting on this later, he would probably realize that really she hadn't hit him nearly as hard as Kit had last month, but right now it had come as a surprise and it was Not Comfortable.

Hanging on to the crotch of his cotton workout pants, Ruben shot a look at Kaye that was partially pained, moderately disappointed, and just a bit irate. "How the pineapple was that supposed to help? I am being serious about wanting to make this better and to work out, okay?" This was a new thing, and he was trying. What more did she want from him? The fact that she wasn't listening to him was annoying enough, but she had kicked him, too. He could almost overlook that except it was literally the lamest place to kick, which he might not have discussed with Kaye specifically but she could surely deduce from his beliefs regarding honour in combat. He huffed out a frustrated breath. "If you will not listen, then fine, we can just work out. You have eight more crunches left."

  • Depends, what do you think? - Kaye, Fri Dec 29 15:57
    Thirteen crunches were doable. She didn’t remember doing the first seven, but at least that was seven fewer than she needed to do now. After this, he’d probably make her do something ridiculous like... more
    • I think this is going nowhere - Ruben, Sat Dec 30 23:41
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