Myfanwy Owen
Agricultural Club Meeting
Thu Jan 25, 2018 15:08

The first Agriclub meeting of the year was mid-September, and Myfanwy had put up plenty of posters written with vegetable inks on recycled, fully biodegradable paper, to advertise the lunchtime session at the allotment by the outdoor classroom. There was already plenty growing that the club had planted since the start of the calendar year, and Myffi had already harvested a couple of handfuls of runner beans, because they needed doing regularly, and some potatoes. For other reasons.

She’d told Professor Bennett that the first meeting was today and she was pretty sure he’d taken it on board. He usually arrived a few minutes after the students did, so she wasn’t too concerned to start without him. “Hello, everyone,” the sixth year greeted the small crowd that had gathered. Her dark, straight hair was in two French braided pigtails that rested on the shoulders of her lightweight, off-white fairtrade cotton hoodie, which she wore with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, denim shorts she’d cut herself from old jeans, and white canvas high-tops with rainbow coloured laces. “If anyone doesn’t know me, I’m Myfanwy Owen, but you can call me Myffi if you prefer,” she said cheerfully, her Welsh accent lilting her words. Next she briefly introduced (or recounted, for those who had been before) the benefits for person and planet of organic, pesticide-free food, and why it was important for students to understand where their food came from.

“We’ve got loads we can do today,” Myffi said enthusiastically. Sometimes the group only had wedding, pruning and pest control to contend with, but today was not one of those days. “A lot of the plants have thrived over the summer,” she beamed with great satisfaction, green eyes bright behind her round, rose gold framed spectacles, “so we can harvest tomatoes, runner beans, and courg- zuccinis,” she laughed. “There might be some carrots left too but I don’t know if they’ll be worth eating by now. We’ve also got things to plant,” the Lyra pointed to a wooden crate near her feet, which held seeds and tools. “Onions, garlic and spinach can all be planted at the end of the summer, and I’ve got some peas for us to try, too.” She had never tried growing peas before, but then part of Agriclub was about learning.

“So yeah,” she finished anti-climatically, but with no less enthusiasm. “If you know what you want to do then go for it, or if you’ve got any questions or just want to have a chat then come find me.” As Myfanwy had already tended to the plants since term began, she was perfectly happy with letting everyone else in the club take their turn, while she chatted and supervised and offered encouragement.

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    • You're doing it wrong - Ruben Lundqvist, Sat Jan 27 12:02
      To say that Ruben was looking forward to the agricultural club starting back up was a pretty far stretch. He really couldn't care less about the whole "we can't eat the perfectly good food served at... more
      • What if I don't care? - Leopold Harris, Mon Jan 29 18:12
        When Leo had agreed to got to Myffi’s gardening club he hadn’t realised it would start with a lecture about all that organic healthy plant stuff. He wondered if he should maybe give Myffi some... more
        • Then you better Protego yourself - Ruben, Tue Jan 30 23:37
          On one hand, the kid had balls. Ruben couldn't remember his name - it hadn't been even vaguely relevant enough to commit to memory. But he knew he was in fourth year for the second time, and was not... more
          • *gulps* - Leo, Wed Jan 31 13:01
            Leo was starting to think that he may have underestimated Ruben’s commitment to the whole healthy and moral eating thing. He thought he’d responded with just the right amount of snark to save face... more
            • *smirks* - Ruben, Thu Feb 1 21:12
              (Un)fortunately it turned out that Ruben didn’t need to hex the idiot, because he stepped towards him and therefore away from the small cluster of plants that were so obviously not ready to harvest.... more
              • Re: *smirks* - Leo, Mon Feb 26 13:07
                Leopold ran a hand through his hair, and eyed Ruben wearily. Part of him suspected the older boy was up to something and wouldn’t be surprised if the second he crouched down to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the ... more
    • New hobby for a new year? - Connor, Sat Jan 27 11:39
      School had been going for a couple of weeks and so far nothing had gone particularly pear-shaped so strictly speaking Connor Farnon realized that he ought to be happy. His apology to Drew seemed to... more
      • Old hobbies die hard - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Jan 28 15:19
        There weren’t a lot of options if you wanted to spend time outside at RMI. You could go to Pearl Street, which Nolan did almost every weekend because he liked the real sunshine, but you couldn’t go... more
        • And they'll haunt you - Connor, Tue Feb 6 10:48
          “Uh. Sure.” Connor said, awkwardly picking up the sticks that Nolan had pointed out to him. He honest-to-Merlin had no idea what in the world a trellis was, and no real independent interest in... more
          • Do we need an exorcist? - Nolan, Tue Feb 6 14:56
            Recognizing that he was the only one who knew what the heck he was doing, Nolan led Connor over to the area he’d selected for the peas. The back of the seed packet said they needed direct sunlight... more
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