New hobby for a new year?
Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:39

School had been going for a couple of weeks and so far nothing had gone particularly pear-shaped so strictly speaking Connor Farnon realized that he ought to be happy. His apology to Drew seemed to have gone over well, or well enough that they’d briefly made eye contact at the opening feast without there being fists involved, and Rose was too busy to do anything other than threaten him in passing about behaving himself this year. Their father hadn’t been pleased that Connor had gotten suspended but hadn’t had an inherent problem with why; that was, apparently, what Rose was there for. Dade had gone back to talking to him over the summer. And now he had Abigail to correspond with as well, so there was that.

On the other hand, it seemed as though the majority of the rest of the world was still at least passively shunning him. Connor knew he needed to apologize to Claudia for his behaviour last term, but he hadn’t quite gotten the guts to do it yet. He also wasn’t even sure if she would listen to him.

He had written Abigail on his first night back when he’d been feeling lonely, and she had responded fairly quickly. Among other things, she had suggested that Connor find a club to be a part of. Although it seemed like questionable advice given the environment of RMI, Connor didn’t want Abigail to think he didn’t value her opinion, so he had written back to her straight away expressing his intention of joining Agricultural Club. He didn’t have a particular interest in agriculture, but Myfanwy was very enthusiastic about putting up her fliers and it seemed less dangerous than Dueling Club, which both of his siblings were in. So it was lunchtime and he was standing by the outdoor classroom with neat khakis, a blue polo shirt, and tidy trainers realizing that he might have made a bit of a mistake.

Myfanwy had just given them a talk about the planet and pesticides and organic food and Connor wasn’t really buying into it, but now she was expecting them to do things. He had thought this was an informational club, or some sort of activist cause, not something that would put him in direct contact with dirt. Connor really didn’t like dirt. Or the outdoors. And there was a crate of seeds and tools and oh goodness she really was expecting them to do this, wasn’t she. Connor cast a panicked glance around the area, trying to find some good excuse to leave, but there was nothing at hand and the last thing he needed to be seen as was more rude. But was avoiding that really worth crawling around in the dirt for?

All of a sudden, Connor realized there was someone trying to get by him to the crate of tools and he stepped aside.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “Er. Is this your first time here?”

  • Agricultural Club Meeting - Myfanwy Owen, Thu Jan 25 15:08
    The first Agriclub meeting of the year was mid-September, and Myfanwy had put up plenty of posters written with vegetable inks on recycled, fully biodegradable paper, to advertise the lunchtime... more
    • You're doing it wrong - Ruben Lundqvist, Sat Jan 27 12:02
      To say that Ruben was looking forward to the agricultural club starting back up was a pretty far stretch. He really couldn't care less about the whole "we can't eat the perfectly good food served at... more
      • What if I don't care? - Leopold Harris, Mon Jan 29 18:12
        When Leo had agreed to got to Myffi’s gardening club he hadn’t realised it would start with a lecture about all that organic healthy plant stuff. He wondered if he should maybe give Myffi some... more
        • Then you better Protego yourself - Ruben, Tue Jan 30 23:37
          On one hand, the kid had balls. Ruben couldn't remember his name - it hadn't been even vaguely relevant enough to commit to memory. But he knew he was in fourth year for the second time, and was not... more
          • *gulps* - Leo, Wed Jan 31 13:01
            Leo was starting to think that he may have underestimated Ruben’s commitment to the whole healthy and moral eating thing. He thought he’d responded with just the right amount of snark to save face... more
            • *smirks* - Ruben, Thu Feb 1 21:12
              (Un)fortunately it turned out that Ruben didn’t need to hex the idiot, because he stepped towards him and therefore away from the small cluster of plants that were so obviously not ready to harvest.... more
              • Re: *smirks* - Leo, Mon Feb 26 13:07
                Leopold ran a hand through his hair, and eyed Ruben wearily. Part of him suspected the older boy was up to something and wouldn’t be surprised if the second he crouched down to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the ... more
    • New hobby for a new year? - Connor, Sat Jan 27 11:39
      • Old hobbies die hard - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Jan 28 15:19
        There weren’t a lot of options if you wanted to spend time outside at RMI. You could go to Pearl Street, which Nolan did almost every weekend because he liked the real sunshine, but you couldn’t go... more
        • And they'll haunt you - Connor, Tue Feb 6 10:48
          “Uh. Sure.” Connor said, awkwardly picking up the sticks that Nolan had pointed out to him. He honest-to-Merlin had no idea what in the world a trellis was, and no real independent interest in... more
          • Do we need an exorcist? - Nolan, Tue Feb 6 14:56
            Recognizing that he was the only one who knew what the heck he was doing, Nolan led Connor over to the area he’d selected for the peas. The back of the seed packet said they needed direct sunlight... more
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