Nolan Ramsey
Old hobbies die hard
Sun Jan 28, 2018 15:19

There weren’t a lot of options if you wanted to spend time outside at RMI. You could go to Pearl Street, which Nolan did almost every weekend because he liked the real sunshine, but you couldn’t go outside of Boulder so he was limited to parks and stuff. Inside there was the Quidditch Pitch, except that Nolan hated riding a broom, so that was kind of out. And you could only walk around the indoor forest for so long before that got old.

The Agriculture Club was the only other “outside” thing, and Nolan was friends with Myffi, so Nolan had decided to join it for real. Back home the Ramseys had a vegetable garden that Nolan helped out with, so he knew a little about growing things. In Oklahoma they only planted peas in the spring, because mildew started to set in toward the end of summer and the first frost usually got ‘em if the virus didn’t. He knew some of their neighbors had fall peas, but Nolan wasn’t sure if that was because of the variety or because of a lot of spells keeping them healthy. Of course at RMI they could use one of the magzoo greenhouses to grow whatever they wanted year-round, but that defeated the purpose of the outdoor part of the club.

Myffi seemed excited about the peas, though, so Nolan grabbed the seed packet and shoved it in the back pocket of his jeans that wasn’t holding his wand. At home they set up poles and chicken wire for their pea plants to climb up. Nolan was proud of the A-frame trellis he’d set up at RMI for the green beans, and he thought he could replicate something like it for the peas.

“Nope,” Nolan answered, moving past Connor to grab a trowel out of one of the supply boxes. He didn’t know much about the guy, except that there had been some kind of dust-up with Connor and one of the firsties last year. Heather had very enthusiastically announced that to the Aquila Common Room, on a few different occasions, in case anyone had missed it the first time. “Your first?” Nolan had never seen Connor at a club meeting before, and he was dressed like someone who didn’t know a rake from a pitchfork, so it seemed like a safe bet.

Anyway Connor looked like he was standing around doing nothing. They didn’t really have room for that in AgriClub, so Nolan was quick to rectify the situation. “You wanna grab those sticks?” he drawled, pointing at a bundle of long wooden rods leaning against one corner of a crate. “I’m gonna make a trellis for the peas. Could use another set of hands.”

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    • Old hobbies die hard - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Jan 28 15:19
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          Recognizing that he was the only one who knew what the heck he was doing, Nolan led Connor over to the area he’d selected for the peas. The back of the seed packet said they needed direct sunlight... more
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