Then you better Protego yourself
Tue Jan 30, 2018 23:37

On one hand, the kid had balls. Ruben couldn't remember his name - it hadn't been even vaguely relevant enough to commit to memory. But he knew he was in fourth year for the second time, and was not on the Quidditch team this go around, which was unfortunate because Ruben's second-favourite thing about the Lyra team was pushing Danny and his Chasers nice and hard. Not unfortunate for Ruben, mind. Unfortunate for the kid. He'd be missing out on some fun Bludger-dodging this year. (It was worth mentioning that Ruben's first-favourite thing was a tie between watching Holland balance hens disinterest in Quidditch with the need to support the team, and snickering at the two young girls who were somehow both the most ineffective and most eruptive pair of Beaters that RMI had to offer.)

Anyways, so the kid was young and apparently incompetent enough to get held back for a repeat year and yet still had the balls to deliver a snarky response back at Ruben. This was satisfying. Getting to play boss over younger students was always enjoyable, but it was never as enjoyable as an opportunity to toss casual offenses back and forth. So on one hand, the kid was doing fine.

On the other hand, he had completely disobeyed a direct order advice order (who was he kidding?) and ripped out an immature plant. In other words: jeopardized the valuable mission of Klippiga Bergens eldiga grönsakssåser. Ruben was aiming to increase production by at least twice as much as last year, with the next round ready to bury for their sciencey hibernation before winter hit, and that meant having as many potatoes as possible. Good potatoes. Not weak ones ruined by en jävla barn.

"What the pineapple did I say to you?" he snapped, glowering right back. Sure, he might still be crouched in the garden instead of towering over the boy at his full height, but Ruben had zero doubts that his glare was infinitely more impressive despite looking slightly up instead of very down. "Potatoes are important to all of us. Even more, what can be made from potatoes. They are very healthy and have a long storage life." Super long, if fermentation underground counted as a form of storage. "But by all means, keep on being a stubborn idiot and tear up more. It is not like one plant can grow enough potatoes for all of us-" a broader gesture at the AgriClub group "-to have a whole meal." Or a whole bottle. Ruben's tone of voice throughout this bit was more sarcastic than threatening, but if the kid knew what was good for him, he'd recognize that a threat wasn't far off. The blonde was already drawing a mental list of jinxes he could cast, should any more plants be endangered.

  • What if I don't care? - Leopold Harris, Mon Jan 29 18:12
    When Leo had agreed to got to Myffi’s gardening club he hadn’t realised it would start with a lecture about all that organic healthy plant stuff. He wondered if he should maybe give Myffi some... more
    • Then you better Protego yourself - Ruben, Tue Jan 30 23:37
      • *gulps* - Leo, Wed Jan 31 13:01
        Leo was starting to think that he may have underestimated Ruben’s commitment to the whole healthy and moral eating thing. He thought he’d responded with just the right amount of snark to save face... more
        • *smirks* - Ruben, Thu Feb 1 21:12
          (Un)fortunately it turned out that Ruben didn’t need to hex the idiot, because he stepped towards him and therefore away from the small cluster of plants that were so obviously not ready to harvest.... more
          • Re: *smirks* - Leo, Mon Feb 26 13:07
            Leopold ran a hand through his hair, and eyed Ruben wearily. Part of him suspected the older boy was up to something and wouldn’t be surprised if the second he crouched down to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the ... more
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