Wed Jan 31, 2018 13:01

Leo was starting to think that he may have underestimated Ruben’s commitment to the whole healthy and moral eating thing. He thought he’d responded with just the right amount of snark to save face but not enough to get pulverised by Ruben’s spellwork, but it was clear that Ruben still thought he’d crossed a line. Even though he was starting to become a little concerned for his safety it wasn’t like Leo could back down now. He did his best to maintain his glare and silently hoped that if Ruben did feel the need to let loose a string of curses Leo’s stupid glass would be the only victim. At least that way something positive would come out of it all. Leo bent down and snatched up the floppy plant he now knew was supposed to be a potato. It didn’t look that bad, maybe they could just shove it back in the dirt again and hey presto potato plant, good as new? Nah, that was dumb. Instead Leo dropped it to the ground again and kicked it aside with his foot, going for the out of sight out mind approach.

Leo was finding it really hard to resist the urge to mock Ruben what with his weird “Potatoes are important to all of us” rant. But Leo wasn’t a total idiot and bit his tongue focusing his energy into balling his hands into fists, and waited for Ruben to shut the hell up about potatoes. “If you have to pick a vegetable to be obsessed with,” Leo took a stepforward, adopting a condescending tone, “maybe pick something a little more exciting than potatoes.”

Shit. The words were out before Leo even realised he was talking. Leo didn’t really understand why he couldn’t walk away from a fight or rather why he always had to start one. He didn’t enjoy them or anything, at least not afterwards when he was off lickng his wounds. His mom said he was determined to punish her by sabotaging his life and whilst he thought she was being dramatic, at times like this he wondered where all his anger came from, and if maybe she had a point. Leo attempted to backtrack, “Hey, I like fries and baked potatoes as much as the next person but if you really need a pinappeling potato just get one from the diner. It won’t kill you and no one needs to know.”

If Leo hadn’t known about Ruben’s very public relationship with Kaye he might have assumed Ruben was into Myffi and was trying to impress her by worshipping potatoes. It was the only thing that might have made sense because no one spoke that passionately about potatoes. Weren’t they the sort of thing you could just dump in some soil and more would grow from it? Honestly, the more he thought about it the more of an overreaction Ruben’s response seemed. Surely, once he took a moment to think rationally the older boy would agree with him, right?

  • Then you better Protego yourself - Ruben, Tue Jan 30 23:37
    On one hand, the kid had balls. Ruben couldn't remember his name - it hadn't been even vaguely relevant enough to commit to memory. But he knew he was in fourth year for the second time, and was not... more
    • *gulps* - Leo, Wed Jan 31 13:01
      • *smirks* - Ruben, Thu Feb 1 21:12
        (Un)fortunately it turned out that Ruben didn’t need to hex the idiot, because he stepped towards him and therefore away from the small cluster of plants that were so obviously not ready to harvest.... more
        • Re: *smirks* - Leo, Mon Feb 26 13:07
          Leopold ran a hand through his hair, and eyed Ruben wearily. Part of him suspected the older boy was up to something and wouldn’t be surprised if the second he crouched down to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the ... more
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