Thu Feb 1, 2018 21:12

(Un)fortunately it turned out that Ruben didn’t need to hex the idiot, because he stepped towards him and therefore away from the small cluster of plants that were so obviously not ready to harvest. Excellent. Ruben had no almost mostly no interest in actually fighting him right now, since brawling in the potato patch would put way more plants at risk of irreversible damage. If he kept moving in the right direction, they’d be able to keep the patch clean. And maybe fight outside the garden’s boundary-lines instead. That option was still on the table. It shifted nearer the table centre at the younger boy’s next words.

Arching a thick, well-groomed brow, Ruben made eye contact with him, long fingers still carefully working around the next potato in line for uncovering. Well. This was… hilarious, actually. One moment, the boy was delivering some moderately decent snark, and then the next he went on the defense and did a half-assed job of trying to brush off his prior insults. Shame that the younger round of students here didn’t know how to properly follow through with their more interesting comments and actually take them out to the end. The only one so far he’d found satisfactory in that regard was Kaye, who was also satisfactory in many other regards, including the one where she would probably do something crazy like steal his own shoe and whack him with it for using the word ‘satisfactory’ to describe her. He made a mental note to find an excuse for calling her ‘satisfactory’ in the near future.

“Taking vegetables from the Diner is a great idea,” he drawled, rolling his eyes. “Why did I not think of that sooner? I owe you a big one.” Ruben freed the potato under his fingers from its root and hoisted it up, and was pleased to note that it, too, was a big one. “Not as big as this. See, this is how potatoes are supposed to look.” The potato got one, two spins in his hand, showing off the dirt-smudged lumpy-but-firm skin, and then he leaned over to place it in the waiting basket. “There is so much you don’t know about potatoes, man. Or vegetables at all. They are good for a lot more than boiling and mashing and stewing,” Ruben informed him, citing a line from that long movie series with all the fighting and murder bits. Smirking, he brushed aside the leaves on the next plant to locate its root stem. “But I guess we all must be starting somewhere, so how about you stop looming,” he mocked the boy’s apparent insistence on standing, “and come learn all about potatoes. More hands are better - more hands doing not stupid things, I mean.”

The funny thing was that he actually was already thinking about how they needed more hands involved. Myffi was an okay co-conspirator, in that she provided a solid cover and was on good enough terms with the staff to help them overlook Ruben’s whole suspension nonsense that one time, and she helped with the planting and bottling and stuff, but she was a little… not right in the head. He had minimal faith in her ability to keep it going successfully after he finished seventh year. True, Kaye would be around still, and could theoretically keep an eye on things, but she’d made it very clear that she didn’t care for his ‘poison’, so. He needed someone else. Probably not this guy, first and second impressions and all, but someone. Ruben added that to his mental to-do list, too.

  • *gulps* - Leo, Wed Jan 31 13:01
    Leo was starting to think that he may have underestimated Ruben’s commitment to the whole healthy and moral eating thing. He thought he’d responded with just the right amount of snark to save face... more
    • *smirks* - Ruben, Thu Feb 1 21:12
      • Re: *smirks* - Leo, Mon Feb 26 13:07
        Leopold ran a hand through his hair, and eyed Ruben wearily. Part of him suspected the older boy was up to something and wouldn’t be surprised if the second he crouched down to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the ... more
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