And they'll haunt you
Tue Feb 6, 2018 10:48

“Uh. Sure.” Connor said, awkwardly picking up the sticks that Nolan had pointed out to him. He honest-to-Merlin had no idea what in the world a trellis was, and no real independent interest in learning what a trellis was, but apparently what he was going to do with his time right here and now was learn how to construct a trellis. Great. But even though Connor had no interest in what they were actually doing, he did have an interest in the person he was doing it with - he hadn’t had any real interaction with Nolan, other than knowing he was a year older and a transfer. They were in a couple of classes together now that Connor was in the upper years and had been able to narrow down his course selection to things that he actually was interested in. He had signed up for Cultural Studies in a moment of guilt at the unknowing fuss he’d caused last year and so far Professor Blair hadn’t entirely made him regret it.

“Yes, this is my first time with, ah, this sort of thing,” Connor waved the hand with the sticks in around vaguely, making sure not to hit anyone while he did it. “I typically prefer more indoor pursuits.” Although RMI had him outdoors far more than he would like, between Magizoobotany and Quidditch. He had wanted to quit the Quidditch team this year - he wasn’t particularly good at it and he absolutely loathed the exercises they did, especially the ones that didn’t involve flying - but Connor was also intelligent enough to realize that if he, on the off chance, did something amazing on the Pitch that he would probably be rewarded for it socially.

He probably ought to make conversation, but he wasn’t entirely sure what to say.

“Do you do this often?” was what came out of Connor’s mouth, but as soon as he heard himself say it, he realized how silly it sounded. Myfanwy had her small herd of students brainwashed to think that organic was the way to save the planet (although what they were saving the planet from was a bit beyond Connor) and it seemed as though Nolan was one of them. Of course he did this often. “I mean to say, outside of Agricultural Club?”

  • Old hobbies die hard - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Jan 28 15:19
    There weren’t a lot of options if you wanted to spend time outside at RMI. You could go to Pearl Street, which Nolan did almost every weekend because he liked the real sunshine, but you couldn’t go... more
    • And they'll haunt you - Connor, Tue Feb 6 10:48
      • Do we need an exorcist? - Nolan, Tue Feb 6 14:56
        Recognizing that he was the only one who knew what the heck he was doing, Nolan led Connor over to the area he’d selected for the peas. The back of the seed packet said they needed direct sunlight... more
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