Do we need an exorcist?
Tue Feb 6, 2018 14:56

Recognizing that he was the only one who knew what the heck he was doing, Nolan led Connor over to the area he’d selected for the peas. The back of the seed packet said they needed direct sunlight for six to eight hours, so Nolan chose a part that wouldn’t be shaded by other climbers or indoor forest. He turned up two likely spots of the soil with his trowel, then set the tool aside.

Right, he’d forgotten that Connor was British until the other guy opened his mouth again. Nolan was pretty sure that Connor Farnon was one of the people he was supposed to be making social connections with at RMI. That was the point, right? His parents sent him to RMI partially for learning and partially because now that he, improbably, was going to be heir, he had to know people outside of his old wizarding homeschool community. Everyone there was from an old family too of course, but there wasn’t a whole lot of variety of contacts to be made in southwest Oklahoma. Not a lot of Brits out there, for example.

Well Nolan didn’t care too much about the social connections personally—if he met people then he met people, he wasn’t gonna go out of his way—but he and Connor were talking anyway. “Not a whole lot of planting at home,” Nolan answered with a shrug. “But we have a vegetable garden and I help out sometimes.” It wasn’t a big plot compared to his neighbors who had, like, actual farms, but it was enough to provide the three Ramseys with fresh fruit and vegetables most of the year. Especially zucchini. You really couldn’t stop zucchini from getting out of hand in the summer. The vegetable garden was really his mother’s project, but Nolan and his dad got roped into helping a lot. Marilla Ramsey wasn’t averse to doing hard work herself but she didn’t tolerate idle hands.

“Gimme two poles the same size?” Nolan asked, holding a hand out to Connor. When he had the sticks, he plowed them into the ground at angles toward each other, then drew his wand and used an “epoximise” to stick them together where they crossed at the top. Good start for an A-frame. He took up the trowel again and knelt down, jeans on dirt.

“My family owns a winged horse ranch,” he added as he patted down the soil around the poles with the back of the trowel, “so most of my normal pursuits are outdoor.” Most of his pursuits were also horse pursuits, either riding or training or tending or cleaning up after. Luckily he had magic for the last bit—Nolan didn’t mind doing dirty work, but it was faster and easier and less gross if he could just charm a shovel to do everything for him. “And this is pretty much the only outdoorsy thing at RMI, so here I am. Why’d you join?” Connor didn’t seem like the kind of person who’d suddenly go green.

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    “Uh. Sure.” Connor said, awkwardly picking up the sticks that Nolan had pointed out to him. He honest-to-Merlin had no idea what in the world a trellis was, and no real independent interest in... more
    • Do we need an exorcist? - Nolan, Tue Feb 6 14:56
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