Myfanwy Owen
Lovely evening for camping
Sat Feb 24, 2018 14:40

(OOC: coincides with the staircase malfunctions)

The staircases messing up was just absolutely ridiculous. It was the sort of thing that sounded funny when you heard about it, and it might actually have been funny for a really short amount of time, but now it was just totally inconvenient. Like Myffi had all her stuff in her room. Literally all of it, except the school books she’d had in her bag when it happened. Holland had been totally amazing, fetching two blankets and a change of clothes and Myfanwy’s snack jacks so she actually had something to eat in case there was nothing in the Diner that satisfied her requirements, which was super helpful and they totally deserved to be Head Student, but why weren’t the staff being more helpful? Surely Toby could do something, or Aaron, because he was supposed to be like really advanced at charms, and it had to be a charm that made the staircases work like that, right? Quite frankly it just wasn’t good enough that the students couldn’t get into their own rooms to sleep.

At first, Myfanwy had ventured into the boys’ area. She’d snooped around Emmett’s room for a couple of minutes, contemplating staying in there for the night, but it was messy, and it smelled like boys, and no thank you. That’s when she’d asked Holland for help, and instead of camping out in someone else’s bed (sleeping in a teenaged boy’s bed just actually got worse the more she thought about it), the sixth year decided to just camp outside, instead.

Having selected a flat, soft, grassy area, Myffi used a couple of spells to enlarge the lighter weight blanket, and fasten it to a couple of obliging trees to make a basic open-fronted tent shape, protecting her against the slight breeze on what was thankfully a mild evening. Skillfully removing her bra from beneath her off-white linen shirt, Myffi then pulled on her over-sized green knitted sweater, folded the rest of her clothes into a pillow, and arranged the second blanket as a bed. It would do, and was definitely better than the alternative.

It didn’t feel quite like camping without a campfire, though, so Myffi conjured up so pretty blue flames and sat in the entrance to her tent, watching the fire dance and eating her vegan, planet-friendly snack jacks. It was about the most relaxed she had been since… probably since she was back home in Wales. The dark-haired girl absently tugged on the friendship bracelets she still wore, ritualistically, every day on her wrists. She didn’t think about Wales so much any more, because she was settling into school, and she liked her classes, and her Agriclub, and she had several friends - Heather, Holland, Leo, Nolan, Russell, Rose and Ruben - but when she did think about being back home, it still made her sad sometimes, and lonely.

Myffi hadn’t been expecting another person to be outside, so she was surprised when another person did, in fact, appear. Her smile took a little longer to form, and was perhaps less bright than usual, but still friendly enough as she said, “Lovely evening for camping, isn’t it?”

    • Mind some company? - Marley Chapman, Wed Mar 7 23:05
      Even when she was living on the road with her mum, Marley had always had her own space. Maybe not completely totally her own, and certainly not completely totally private, considering it started off... more
      • I'd be glad of some - Myfanwy, Sat Mar 10 15:24
        The other person was Marley, and, like Myffi, the younger girl didn’t seem to be quite as jovial as usual. This staircase deal was totally messing with all of them, and it absolutely was not on. If... more
        • On one hand, Myffi was probably the nicest out of all the upper-year girls at RMI, and her tone of voice was super reassuring and she could feel her shoulders relax just hearing her say “Don’t worry” ... more
          • Good things to those who wait - Myffi, Mon Mar 26 15:18
            Marley wasn’t cheering up much, which was really perplexing, because she was just one of the most fun people at RMI, so if Marley was feeling down then something was wrong. Myffi thought maybe it was ... more
            • Something good is coming your way then - Marley, Tue Mar 27 23:09
              Marley listened curiously as her older Housemate started listing off the various ingredients for her cracker jacks snacker cracks cookies. (Non-traditional, healthier,... more
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