Marley Chapman
Mind some company?
Wed Mar 7, 2018 23:05

Even when she was living on the road with her mum, Marley had always had her own space. Maybe not completely totally her own, and certainly not completely totally private, considering it started off as a shared bed in her mum’s room and later became a single bed but only when the kitchen table was folded out of the way first and even later, actually at the current time, was more like a cozy hammock that swung over her bookshelf-slash-desk and under the skylight in the corner of the open living room. But it was still ‘hers’ in the sense that she always knew she could rely on it as a space where she could hang out and have her stuff nearby and whatever.

Her dorm in Lyra had become the same type of cozy, friendly space. Except she hadn’t been able to get into it like, all day, well not literally but enough that she was ready for this to be over, and the whole thing was kind of alarming and worrying and making her wish that she could still be friends with Claudia because Claudia was (almost) always level-headed and would be better at keeping her calm in this situation. Instead she didn’t have Claudia, and also didn’t have Alice because her roommate had fallen inside the stairs, and also didn’t have Teal because Teal was in Draco and Not Here, and also didn’t have Holland because Holland was Head Student and didn’t have time to reassure her while managing the chaos in the commons, and also didn’t have Kit because, well she wasn’t sure why but she didn’t see Kit right now so yeah, and also-- also she needed to stop being in the Commons, Marley decided abruptly.

As of right now, she had spent too much time just pacing in anxious little... paces (that was a word, right?) and she suddenly felt like fresh air was a capital-n Necessity. Swinging her knapsack beside her in one hand, the dark-skinned girl made her way through the school towards the exits to the change-rooms and Quidditch pitch. The bag of books felt heavier as she walked, and Marley briefly regretted not asking Holland’s help in retrieving her broom or even just a warmer pair of socks. Holland had offered their assistance, not specifically to her but to the room at large, and she had considered it, but asking Holland for more things meant that she would either have more things to carry around with her the rest of the night (or days, or weeks, though she really hoped it wouldn’t take that long for Mister Aaron to fix the stairs) or she would have to ask them to put away some of the things she had already been carrying (which would mean they’d see the pile of underwear on the floor that Mister Sprockets had pulled out of her dresser, and Holland probably wouldn’t care about seeing her undies but Marley cared!!).

It wasn’t until she got outside that she realized the sun had set. Wow, a lot of time had gone by. Either that or the Pitch sky was being weird again. Possibly a mix of both. Pulling her denim vest tighter around her, and then unrolling the sleeves of her jumper too because the vest wasn’t helping much, Marley switched her knapsack to the other hand and then headed for the Quidditch shed. And then stopped, because (a) flying in the dark seemed kinda not safe, and like, she could fly while casting Lumos, but the risk of dropping her wand was a riskier risk than just dropped her Beater’s bat, and (b) the Quidditch shed was, according to Alice’s sister Kateri, a hot-spot for making out, and she wasn’t in the mood to walk into that tonight, and (c) was that a flickering light off in the trees?

The flickering was, indeed, a light, and more than that - it was a light alongside something that was practically a tent, only missing the whole front wall, and Myffi was inside. “Hi, Myffi,” she greeted the older girl, returning her smile although she had to focus harder on that than normal. It was tricky smiling when sometime was so wrong with the dorms! “Yeah, it’s super nice out,” she agreed and then promptly amended, “Well a bit cool, but pretty. Are you star-watching? Or just hiding from whatever is happening in Lyra?” ...Oh, nope, she shouldn’t talk about that or it would make her worried again. “Orrrrr did you come out here to work on the garden a bit?” Marley had been attending AgriClub right from the start last term, but her attendance this term had been slipping, unfortunately. Balancing it with Quidditch and Drama and all of her classes was just… well, not happening. The balancing part, that is, and she’d let the whole club down, she was sure. “I’m sorry I haven’t been around as much.”

  • Lovely evening for camping - Myfanwy Owen, Sat Feb 24 14:40
    (OOC: coincides with the staircase malfunctions) The staircases messing up was just absolutely ridiculous. It was the sort of thing that sounded funny when you heard about it, and it might actually... more
    • Mind some company? - Marley Chapman, Wed Mar 7 23:05
      • I'd be glad of some - Myfanwy, Sat Mar 10 15:24
        The other person was Marley, and, like Myffi, the younger girl didn’t seem to be quite as jovial as usual. This staircase deal was totally messing with all of them, and it absolutely was not on. If... more
        • On one hand, Myffi was probably the nicest out of all the upper-year girls at RMI, and her tone of voice was super reassuring and she could feel her shoulders relax just hearing her say “Don’t worry” ... more
          • Good things to those who wait - Myffi, Mon Mar 26 15:18
            Marley wasn’t cheering up much, which was really perplexing, because she was just one of the most fun people at RMI, so if Marley was feeling down then something was wrong. Myffi thought maybe it was ... more
            • Something good is coming your way then - Marley, Tue Mar 27 23:09
              Marley listened curiously as her older Housemate started listing off the various ingredients for her cracker jacks snacker cracks cookies. (Non-traditional, healthier,... more
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