I'd be glad of some
Sat Mar 10, 2018 15:24

The other person was Marley, and, like Myffi, the younger girl didn’t seem to be quite as jovial as usual. This staircase deal was totally messing with all of them, and it absolutely was not on. If the staff hadn’t found a solution by the morning, Myfanwy was totally going to start a protest or something. It was bad enough that she didn’t have easy access to food she wanted to eat (although okay now they had a meatless Monday arrangement, which was definitely an improvement and a great step towards making the school’s food provision more sustainable, but there was definitely room for improvement, and anyway that had only come about because Myfanwy had been unjustly blamed for something she didn’t even do - honestly, how would she have got all that food into the Diner in the first place? - which was genuinely unfair) but not being able to access her own possessions and having no privacy when she wanted to sleep was just totally unacceptable.

In fact, Marley seemed almost morose, which was not a word Myffi would usually associate with the peppy fourth year. She patted the ground beside her, inviting Marley to join her in the opening of the tent. “Don’t even worry about it,” Myffi said kindly, tackling Marley’s utterances in reverse order. “A bunch of new people have joined Agriclub this year, we’ve got enough hands on deck if you’ve got other things to be doing right now.” Marley had been one of the more involved members last year, so she was totally fine to take a break from being so enthusiastic with the club now it was properly up and running anyway. “You can just do what you have time for, it should be a hobby, not a chore,” she affirmed.

“I’m not working on the garden right now anyway,” she said, although that was probably obvious considering she was in a tent with a conjured campfire. “I didn’t want to sleep in someone else’s room that wasn’t my own, that just felt weird,” the sixth year said with a smile. “It sucks, right? Not being able to get to all your own things.” She offered a smile to Marley, wondering if that was the reason the younger girl seemed not so chirpy as usual. “You can sleep out here with me, if you want. It’s basic,” she looked up at the sheet draped around them, “but I’m sure it’ll be fine.” It wasn’t as though there would be freezing temperatures to suffer, or that wild animals would be roaming around the confines of RMI. Admittedly they might be in breach of curfew by not sleeping in the common area, but as the school was not complying with its own regulations by failing to provide students with access to their own living areas, the administration could hardly penalise the students for making alternative arrangements.

“I have some snack jacks,” Myffi said, offering the paper bag and its contents to Marley. “They’re made of oats and fruit and natural syrups. Totally planet friendly and delicious,” she recommended with a smile.

  • Mind some company? - Marley Chapman, Wed Mar 7 23:05
    Even when she was living on the road with her mum, Marley had always had her own space. Maybe not completely totally her own, and certainly not completely totally private, considering it started off... more
    • I'd be glad of some - Myfanwy, Sat Mar 10 15:24
      • On one hand, Myffi was probably the nicest out of all the upper-year girls at RMI, and her tone of voice was super reassuring and she could feel her shoulders relax just hearing her say “Don’t worry” ... more
        • Good things to those who wait - Myffi, Mon Mar 26 15:18
          Marley wasn’t cheering up much, which was really perplexing, because she was just one of the most fun people at RMI, so if Marley was feeling down then something was wrong. Myffi thought maybe it was ... more
          • Something good is coming your way then - Marley, Tue Mar 27 23:09
            Marley listened curiously as her older Housemate started listing off the various ingredients for her cracker jacks snacker cracks cookies. (Non-traditional, healthier,... more
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