Andres Fernández
Stars are beautiful, but the aliens among them are hotter
Sun Jan 15, 2017 22:04

Andres was in a slump. It wasn't because he was doing bad in any of his classes- quite the opposite, he was doing better than usual. It wasn't because he was lonely- he had made a few friends since he had gotten to RMI, Tains and Elijah, to name a few. Nor was it that he missed his family a whole bunch- his mother sent him letters three times a week and a care package every month. No, Andres was suffering from a different type of withdrawal; Andres had not watched anime in over who knows how long, and it was unsettling, to say the least. To say the most, Andres was distraught, hurt, and to be perfectly honest, a little frustrated, crazy even!

It would be fine if RMI had just blocked kissanime, because he could have downloaded a proxy. Even if the proxy didn't work, Andres could still get through the day with several youtube compilations, but these people didn't even have wifi! No wifi! What was this, the middle ages?! He decided he would explore Pearl Street later for some MODERN-AGE establishments so that he could catch up on all of his series later. Deciding he needed some fresh air, he walked to the outdoor classroom an hour before curfew to detox for a bit.

As the cool air of the night slapped Andres's hair and face lightly, the third year couldn't help but give a contented sigh and scream loudly into the night. As his voice resonated off the trees, he could see several types of birds flying away which made him laugh to himself. Charming the grass to become a blanket, he laid on the floor and spread out all of his limbs as he stared up at the magically enchanted sky. He didn't know if the sky was mirroring the real sky above the ground, or if it was a completely new sky, and thinking of how that was even possible made his head hurt. Wait- if anyone tried flying towards the sky, would they eventually hit something? Double wait- were unidentified flying objects also charmed to appear in the sky?

Suddenly feeling vulnerable, he grabbed his wand in fear of being abducted by magical aliens. He heard a twig behind him break and he screamed as he moved quickly to the edge of his blanket. Pointing the wand towards the noise and saying a very discombobulated "L-l-lu-LUMOS," he saw that it was just another girl boy, uh student, staring at them. Giggling nervously to himself, he lowered the wand and let out a deep sigh as he fell slowly back on the ground. "I thought you were an alien," he admitted.

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