Even company delayed is better than none, I hope
Thu Mar 22, 2018 18:50

On one hand, Myffi was probably the nicest out of all the upper-year girls at RMI, and her tone of voice was super reassuring and she could feel her shoulders relax just hearing her say “Don’t worry” in her funny but totally charming accent. On the other hand, she mentioned that lots of other students had joined since last year and somehow that actually made Marley feel a little guiltier that she wasn’t so involved anymore. Like, she’d sorta faded out without actively telling Myffi that she just couldn’t keep up with it all, and that had left a hole, and now there were other students in her place. She didn’t think she was feeling possessive of her place - although she kept thinking of it as hers, so maybe she was, subconsciously, like how Professor Blair talked about subconscious biases and stuff - but she definitely felt like she was missing out on the bigger community that had apparently grown (hah, grown, it was a good joke except only inside her head) around AgriClub since she’d unofficially left.

“It should be a hobby, not a chore.” The younger girl hummed in response, although it wasn’t the most agreeing hum. Or disagreeing, really. It was more of an I-guess hum, because that was a bit of a weird sentence to combine with her actual situation. Marley enjoyed doing Quidditch and Drama and AgriClub, too, and she also enjoyed most of her classes, and even the ones she didn’t enjoy as much, like Potions, were still useful to know, probably. (Plus Teal was also in Potions and they weren’t exactly dating because one had to actually go out and do stuff together in public to be considered dating but they also weren’t exactly just friends because just-friends wouldn’t play footsies under the lab bench and what did that mean they were? And also did it matter? It was sorta nice having a friend-plus that she could sometimes hold hands with in the hallway but didn’t have to more than sometimes.)

Anyways, she enjoyed mostly all of it, but classes were always chores, whether or not she enjoyed them, and Quidditch and Drama were also sort of chores because she was committed to being on the Quidditch team and on the Little Shop cast-list and it didn’t matter if she changed her mind about enjoying them, either. So that really only left AgriClub as a possible hobby. But shouldn’t it be a chore, too? Because like, they were growing plants, and she should be committed to that, too, and not just leave the little seedlings and spuds that she’d put in the dirt behind for someone else to take care of. Except she had. Oh no.

For the sake of her ever-spiralling levels of guilt, it was probably a good thing that Myffi had continued talking. Her offer to share her tent wasn’t quite a welcome distraction (she needed to figure this out and she shouldn’t be glad to get distracted from that!) but still a distraction (and admittedly still a good thing). “Ohmygosh yes, it totally sucks,” she voiced emphatically. “Even having to sleep together in the commons or, like, the practice rooms, that would’ve been so strange. Like I’m sure Holland’s gonna do a great job making it as not-strange as possible because they’re Head Student, and they would probably do it even if they weren’t Head Student anyways, but it’s still awkward, you know?” She could remember starting at RMI and finding it a bit awkward to have a roommate, not in the sense of sharing space exactly, but their beds were right by each other and it was a different kind of sharing space from back home. By now, she and Alice were BFFs, obviously. But that didn’t mean she wanted to sleep in the same room as her whole House! Especially not without all of her stuff in her room and her bedtime routine and--

“I mean,” she hastily backtracked because Myffi had been so kind to offer her tent on top of offering reassurance about the whole AgriClub letdown and she didn’t want to seem ungrateful because she wasn’t, “I’d be so happy to join you instead. It’s different when it’s just one other person and, like, outside. I haven’t slept outside since summertime.” Sleeping outside was an OK alternative to the Commons. More than OK, because (a) it was just Myffi here and (b) she couldn’t be worried about her stuff and routines and all of that when she was outside. Sleeping outside was like… a special event, with special exceptions to the norms. She couldn’t be disappointed about not having proper sleepwear when they didn’t even have a proper walls-and-a-roof, you know? And the stars were pretty bright tonight, and also pretty in general.

“Thanks so much.” Marley flashed a smile back, feeling better already, and was quite content to kick her shoes off and join Myffi inside her tent. Plopping her book-stuffed knapsack down on the ground, she sat down and tried to use it as a backrest. Nope, she was gonna have to rearrange some books first. But first first. “Oh, thanks again!” Taking a small piece, because she wasn’t greedy nor was she particularly hungry, Marley crunched down and exhaled quietly in a happy sigh. “That’s so good,” she complimented, although she didn’t think to finish chewing before she spoke and it was a bit garbled, but hopefully still understandable. “What kind of syrups? Like… maple? Or more fruity, like saskatoon or something? I’m only really familiar with, like, syrups for pancakes,” she admitted with a short laugh, “and I know about stuff like corn syrup but I can’t imagine corn syrup would taste this good. How do you make them?”

It was seriously amazing that Myffi was so dedicated to being planet friendly. There were still some foods that Marley liked too much to give up, yogurt being one of them, even after that ill-fated attempt at stuffing it back in the carton last year (her mum had pointed out that if it was on the table, she was fine to eat it, as long as she kept politely asking the house-elves to make sure the cows were okay) (and her mum had kind of rolled her eyes at that part but Marley knew she meant it or else she wouldn’t have said it). But she was trying to learn more about better alternatives to some foods. Well, in the little free time she had between literally all of the work that she was literally always doing for her classes.

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