Good things to those who wait
Mon Mar 26, 2018 15:18

Marley wasn’t cheering up much, which was really perplexing, because she was just one of the most fun people at RMI, so if Marley was feeling down then something was wrong. Myffi thought maybe it was the staircase situation after all, because Marley definitely agreed that not being able to get into their own rooms was a real problem. Myffi nodded emphatically at Marley’s comments that it would be strange to sleep in the practise rooms or the common area, and she also nodded her agreement that Holland would do a good job of organising it. Myfanwy never really understood what was going on with Holland, but everyone seemed to get super defensive when she tried asking questions about it, so she’d quickly learned to not do that. Holland was super nice though, and Myffi loved living next door to them, because they gave her help with hair sometimes and their mom’s shop had some vegan products that Myffi had tried and they were amazing. They had never been to AgriClub, but they had been super supportive of Myffi starting it, and often heard her thoughts about illegal pesticides, and discussed supermarket supply chain corruption, and complained about the FDA. Also them being able to go up both staircases was super nifty, and they didn’t even have to get anything for Myffi, but they had fetched her the blankets that made this camping adventure possible. “Yes, Holland’s a totally great person,” Myffi said, “but it’s still totally awkward, you’re right.”

Myffi smiled when Marley agreed to sleep outside, too. It was fine to have the younger girl with her. Myfanwy hadn’t counted on any company but she wasn’t at all bothered to have some, specially Marley, who was always friendly and chatty, even this evening when she didn’t seem so very chirpy as usual. Though she was starting to perk up a bit now, Myffi thought - maybe it’s because she had a friend and a place to sleep and some delicious food. All those things were bound to improve a low mood. “These ones have date syrup in,” Myffi smiled, chuffed with Marley’s compliment about her snackjacks. “And organic oats, and those are like the main ingredients. I also used sunflower oil, rye flour and raisins in these ones,” she shook the bag a little with her hand to illustrate, “and a bit of grated apple. They taste better with cinnamon but I haven’t got any just now,” she elaborated with a shrug. “They’re super easy to make, you just mix everything together, put them into little cookie balls and heat them up ’til they look done.” At home on the commune Myffi used a cob oven (they didn’t have one of those at RMI yet, but maybe she would see if they could build one by the allotment next year). At school she just used an intensive heating charm on a metal tray resting on some gravel by the garden. Sometimes she asked the house elves to bake them for her but they seemed really upset she didn’t want to eat their food, and they didn’t understand about veganism or responsibly sourced ingredients.

After a moment of hesitation used to consider whether Marley would mind her commenting on her mood, Myffi asked, “Are you feeling better now?” in a gentle voice. “You seemed a bit lost when you got here just now.” Myffi took a cookie for herself, and offered the bag back to Marley. “Is it just the staircases thing? I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon.”

  • On one hand, Myffi was probably the nicest out of all the upper-year girls at RMI, and her tone of voice was super reassuring and she could feel her shoulders relax just hearing her say “Don’t worry” ... more
    • Good things to those who wait - Myffi, Mon Mar 26 15:18
      • Something good is coming your way then - Marley, Tue Mar 27 23:09
        Marley listened curiously as her older Housemate started listing off the various ingredients for her cracker jacks snacker cracks cookies. (Non-traditional, healthier,... more
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