Something good is coming your way then
Tue Mar 27, 2018 23:09

Marley listened curiously as her older Housemate started listing off the various ingredients for her cracker jacks snacker cracks cookies. (Non-traditional, healthier, better-for-the-planet-and-probably-your-own-body-too cookies. Her second-favourite type of cookie ever were the Canadian Maple Leaf cookies that came in the appropriately goldish coloured box, and her first bite of Myffi’s cookies both immediately proved they were totally different from boxed grocery cookies but also immediately jumped to somewhere in her top ten. Though not high enough to disrupt her gran’s double chocolate chip, which were in first place for obvious reasons. Gran was an amazing cook.) She didn’t even know it was possible to make syrup out of dates! Not that she ate dates very much, to be honest. She liked Fig Newtons and she was pretty sure that figs and dates were basically the same except slightly different, but Marley didn’t think she had ever actually eaten a date.

Some of the other ingredients Myffi was listing off now she also had absolutely no idea existed, like sunflower oil and… well okay really only sunflower oil, she did know what rye was even though she’d only had rye bread rarely and duh of course she was familiar with raisins and apples. How did people make flowers into oil? And was it only sunflowers or could they use any type of flower? And just how oily was it, even? Enough to keep a pan from sticking? Was it as good as canola oil? Or was it better because sunflower oil was presumably vegan since Myffi had used it whereas canola oil was maybe vegan but she didn’t know for sure?

Gosh, she had so many questions. Marley was tempted to, like, pull out one of her notebooks and start writing them all down before she forgot, but there were a few problems with that. First of all, she was already having difficulty keeping her notes straight between all of her different classes - for example, just yesterday she’d been trying to study for a History of Magic quiz and somehow in the middle of her notes on seventeenth-century ghoul activity there was a half-finished diagram of a Whimpering Willow leaf print that was definitely supposed to have been in the paper she had handed in last week, and oops that was a bad mistake. Secondly, all of her blue pens had been worn right out and she couldn’t use black pens for personal notes since black was reserved for her hand-in coursework, but also she didn’t have enough money saved to justify buy new pens and it would be great if she could just magically refill pens with ink but she didn’t know how to do that, either. Thirdly, taking notes while Myffi was talking would probably be rude or at least weird, right?

...Fourthly, Myffi was asking her questions now and offering more snacky balls cookies. Finger-combing a section of tight curls back as they flopped into her eyes, Marley took another cookie. “Welllll the stairs weirdness is part of it, I guess, but not really the only thing,” she confided, and surprised herself by heaving a bigger sigh than she’d expected. “Four year has just been hard, I guess. All of the classes are great but doing all of them is super busy, and it wouldn’t matter so much if I haven’t also lost some of my friends-” the pluralization was just for the sake of keeping it vague, because it had been Claudia but she’d already done enough venting to Holland about that whole mess to know that if they couldn’t help her fix it, nobody really could, and Myffi didn’t super need to know about that too, probably, and even if she did there was nothing new she could say about it, probably “-and I dunno, it’s just harder than I thought.” She crunched down on the cookie and added around a mouthful of crumbs, “Isn’t everything supposed to be funner and easier when you get older ‘cause like, you know more about stuff? That’d make tons more sense.”

  • Good things to those who wait - Myffi, Mon Mar 26 15:18
    Marley wasn’t cheering up much, which was really perplexing, because she was just one of the most fun people at RMI, so if Marley was feeling down then something was wrong. Myffi thought maybe it was ... more
    • Something good is coming your way then - Marley, Tue Mar 27 23:09
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