Brynjolf Nilssen
Searching for some focus myself
Sat Apr 21, 2018 16:53

Bryn’s holiday hadn’t been horrible. It definitely hadn’t been the best though. He’d managed – at least – to keep Norah from dragging his parents down to the Thanksgiving Feast in the Diner that they held each year and that was a blessing. There wasn’t any need to subject the people of Rocky Mountain to his little sister before it was necessary. While Norah was absolutely not happy about it, Bryn was more than delighted. But when the winter holiday rolled in, the eleven year old girl had found a way to make her brother’s life horrible anyway. It was Norah’s teasing tone and sly hints (how she got to be sly he would never know) that kept the teen on edge. She had known something and kept throwing at him, but it was entirely too vague. His father kept holding meetings too. It was suspicious, but Bryn didn’t dig into it. Norah was probably just baiting him.

Most of midterm had gone by without any hiccups. Bryn got some much needed rest and a break studying and Quidditch. It was nice, but by the middle he was eager to get back to it. Norah was just as annoying as ever. He had to admit that maybe she was only annoying because she was his little sister, but he couldn’t imagine the constant nagging was something anyone actually liked. Of course he didn’t dislike her any, she was his family and family was important. But she could be downright horrendous to deal with sometimes. Maybe other people wouldn’t see her that way, and that was probably good. Norah was the type of person who needed friends – because she needed something to do other than irritate him.

It wasn’t until one of his father’s holiday gatherings that Bryn understood what Norah was ragging on him about. It had been about a half hour after his father’s greeting that the Nilssen monarch had led Bryn over to one of his associates. The man was big in some type of business industry. Magical supplies or something like that. Next to the other man was a girl. It had taken a few minutes after being introduced and making polite conversation that the sixteen-year-old got the picture and his stomach dropped.

Betrothals. All his father’s meetings were about discussing possible betrothals. Bryn was absolutely horrified by the very idea. The thought that his parents would start searching for a potential match for him had never crossed his mind once and now it was all he could think about. The rest of the evening – and midterm – had been painfully awkward. Bryn had never planned on marrying or anything of the sort. He’d never had any interest in that kind of thing and he certainly didn’t want it shoved down his throat. But that was exactly what was happening. He didn’t know how to tell his father that this wasn’t something he wanted – even if it was expected of him.

But he hadn’t said anything at all. Just returned to RMI like his head wasn’t spinning in a million different directions. He tried to focus on anything else and for a while it worked. Until he got the owl from his father saying that he was planning on the possible betrothal to the young lady he had met. Bryn supposed she had been pretty and very smart, but that didn’t change the fact that he had no interest whatsoever. Of course, he couldn’t say that without offending anyone either. His focus was slowly faltering and his grades had begun to reflect that. So he did what he knew best. Bryn threw himself into studying as a distraction.

It was how we found himself in the Outdoor Classroom, hoping to do some work with the fauna in the area. Herbology and planting were some of the simpler things he could do. It was relaxing as well. When he got there, one of the younger years was there, and she belatedly greeted him with excitement in her voice. Despite everything on his mind, the fifth year couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiasm and responded with a cheerful hello in return. She had extended a paper, mentioning a personal project and Bryn took what appeared to be a drawing. After looking at it, he nodded his head and looked at her.

“This is pretty cool,” he said, continuing to look over the drawing. It looked like she had a few others as well. “What kind of project are you working on?”

  • Something to focus on - Sara de Alba , Wed Apr 18 12:09
    The start of the half of term had gone without any issues whatsoever. Her grades were still good and Sara was able to follow a less strict schedule. This had given the third-year the opportunity to... more
    • Searching for some focus myself - Brynjolf Nilssen, Sat Apr 21 16:53
      • Maybe I can help - Sara, Mon Apr 23 13:25
        The third-year was evidently proud of the work she had done. So far, she had finished with unicorns, sphinxes, chimeras, and had started with manticores, ashwinders and an introduction to dragons.... more
        • I'm open to suggestions - Bryn, Wed May 2 11:57
          Magizoobotany was just another one of those boring classes for the fifth year. That wasn’t going to stop him from taking it of course – the botany part was a bit important in his opinion and even the ... more
          • Sara smiled smugly. She loved that an older student was commenting positive things on her project! She was proud of the effort she was putting into the book, especially because her father had told... more
            • I'll be waiting for an answer then - Bryn, Wed May 16 00:20
              The girl seemed rather appreciative of Bryn’s praise. He flushed a little, dusky red overtaking the normal pale of his face. He was glad that she was taking it well and even that she’d been... more
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