Connor Farnon
Can you See what I See? [Marley]
Mon Apr 23, 2018 09:15

When selecting his coursework for the remainder of his time at RMI, Connor Farnon would be a bit loathe to admit that he had done his best to remain in courses that would require very little of his effort, but that was what he had done. The one exception to this rule had been Spellwork, which he had largely decided to continue with on the grounds that it was the most useful type of magic. Defense Against the Dark Arts had been completely out of the question because it was violent and dirty and full of creatures, which Connor hated. For the same reason, Magizoobotany had been ruled out. The electives had largely seemed to be quite difficult, with the entire concept of Arithmancy escaping Connor entirely. Divinations had been his only real option. It sounded like a cushy class - after all, there were very few people with the Sight and Connor was relatively certain he was not one of them, so it would largely be an exercise in making things up. The pureblood had heard positive things about the professor, although he seemed informal in the same way that Professor Hier was informal, and he was mildly terrified of Professor Taylor, who taught the only other option, so Divinations it was with Kaz.

Connor had really done his best to refer to Kaz in a way that was appropriate for a student to refer to a professor, but the man had been insistent that he desist. He wasn’t comfortable with the idea now any more than he had been, but he had realized it was probably more rude to continue defying authority than it was to simply comply with the man’s friendly demands, so Kaz it was.

And really, Divinations wasn’t that bad. They hadn’t got very far yet, in Connor’s opinion, although to be fair he wasn’t quite sure what the goal of learning Divinations was if you didn’t have the Sight. But he did have a friend in the class, who he tried to pair with as often as possible. They did a lot of pair work in Divinations, and to Connor’s knowledge not a single one of his predictions had come through. Most of the rest of the class wasn’t absolutely awful, though, even when he couldn’t partner with Nolan - except, of course, the bane of his existence: Marley Chapman.

Whether through malintent or sheer accident, Kaz had decided to shake things up and impose pairs on them for their first project of the second half of term. They were to meet up each day for a week, and use a different Divinations method to predict the near future of their partner and record their predictions. Connor was entirely unsure as to what Kaz intended them to do with their predictions, or if he would grade them, or even look at them, but Connor was also very interested in maintaining the relatively good grade he currently had in Divinations. He was inherently ready to go along with the project, even if it seemed a bit silly and pointless.


It was Merlin-damned Marley Chapman that Kaz had paired him with. Marley, who had stalked him for the first half of last year and spent the second half glaring at him and (he thought) aiming Bludgers at him in particular during Quidditch matches. To be fair, the increase in Bludger activity around him could have been related to Katherine Kendrick, who was Andrew’s cousin (somehow), but one of the two girls was trying to murder him and just out of precedent, Connor was inclined to think it was Marley. Disinterested in speaking to the girl until he absolutely had to, Connor had bolted from class immediately, then sent her a note via house-elf suggesting that they meet in the Outdoor Classroom. There were a couple of messier methods of Divination that involved burning things, for example, and Connor thought it was best to do that sort of thing outside.

He had come prepared and had set up on one of the benches arranged around the area where professors sometimes chose to lecture. He had brought a large, porcelain bowl, among other things. Connor was confident enough in his Transfiguration abilities that he could turn the bowl into a teapot, if Marley wanted to read tea leaves first. Connor’s personal opinion was that they should get the messier methods - such as burning bits of tree - out of the way first, but he knew that Marley was bullheaded in addition to being obsessive and a terrible person and apparently a lesbian besides, according to Claudia. In the interests of saving his friend’s feelings, Connor had not disclosed to her that Kaz had placed him and Marley together for the project. He suspected his yearmate still felt the sting of losing such a good friend to homosexuality, particularly given the situation with Holland.

Hearing the snap of a twig on the path, Connor looked up..

“Hello Marley,” he said cooly, swallowing hard and doing his best to make eye contact even though his entire body had tensed up and he felt the compulsion to run away. She had spent so much time stalking him that he was still anxious around her. “I brought supplies for our project. Did you?” That last bit sounded a little more accusatory than Connor would have normally liked, but he was morally opposed to apologizing to Marley if he could help it, since the last time she had accused him of trying to stab her, so he let it stand.

    • That would require closing my eyes, so, no - Marley Chapman, Tue Apr 24 19:47
      Marley was really enjoying Divinations. Her enjoyment of it had started off mostly because a lot of her friends were taking it too and partially because Kaz was one of the nicest professors ever, but ... more
      • You should try it sometime - Connor, Sun Apr 29 17:25
        Of course Marley Chapman hadn’t come prepared. Connor was, quite frankly, appalled that he had managed to give her that much credit. Not only had she not come prepared, but she had come with a... more
        • I don't take advice from you - Marley, Tue May 1 01:18
          “If you were appropriately prepared...” Marley was immediately even more grateful for the sandwich, because it turned out to be more than a distraction. Chomping down another bite was a fantastic way ... more
          • You probably should - Connor, Tue May 8 19:15
            Why was Marley always so melodramatic and ridiculous? Connor understood that there were some things to be expected of people in Lyra House, but there was something to be said about being too much of... more
            • But your advice is terrible - Marley, Mon May 14 22:41
              Connor’s insistence that his actions had been perfectly acceptable was perfectly ridiculous. It took all she had not to interrupt him right there and give him a lecture about how literally over a... more
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