Maybe I can help
Mon Apr 23, 2018 13:25

The third-year was evidently proud of the work she had done. So far, she had finished with unicorns, sphinxes, chimeras, and had started with manticores, ashwinders and an introduction to dragons. Sara had no idea what had prompted her to start such a big project, but she was loving every second it. It was obvious she was having a great time! She had art supplies strewn around her, blank pieces of parchment as well as quills and ink vials surrounded the third-year Lyra. The most obvious clue was the big smile plastered on her face. Sara had found something she was good at and enjoyed immensely. She was her father’s daughter, after all.

The person that had entered the Outdoor Classroom was an upper year. A rather cute one at that. Sara smiled, “Thank you!,” she replied with excitement at the wizard´s compliment. “I’m trying to make learning about magical beasts a bit more easy and fun,” she said proudly. Her father was helping her a bit, but most of the work came from her own research and drawing skills, and she was good at it! After she finished with the chapters she had halfway done, she wanted to start with magical arachnids. Not everyone was a fan of arachnids, but Sara found them awesome. Darby “The Spectacular Tarantula” was proof of that. The third-year wanted to open everyone’s eyes at how awesome they could be. Sara loved playing with Kit and Darby. Both were pretty cool.

“My dad is a Magizoologist and he teaches at the University of San Diego,” she added. “I love animals and this is a great way to relearn everything he has taught me since I was little.” Sara placed the drawing of the manticore on a table. She looked up at the older student, “How about you? What are you doing here? Do you need any help” She hoped a class wasn't about to start, though she was sure there weren't any scheduled class, at least for the next hour or so. She had made sure she would be able to work without any interruptions, but RMI could be unpredictable. Case in point, the weird magical happenings around the school.

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    Bryn’s holiday hadn’t been horrible. It definitely hadn’t been the best though. He’d managed – at least – to keep Norah from dragging his parents down to the Thanksgiving Feast in the Diner that they ... more
    • Maybe I can help - Sara, Mon Apr 23 13:25
      • I'm open to suggestions - Bryn, Wed May 2 11:57
        Magizoobotany was just another one of those boring classes for the fifth year. That wasn’t going to stop him from taking it of course – the botany part was a bit important in his opinion and even the ... more
        • Sara smiled smugly. She loved that an older student was commenting positive things on her project! She was proud of the effort she was putting into the book, especially because her father had told... more
          • I'll be waiting for an answer then - Bryn, Wed May 16 00:20
            The girl seemed rather appreciative of Bryn’s praise. He flushed a little, dusky red overtaking the normal pale of his face. He was glad that she was taking it well and even that she’d been... more
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