Marley Chapman
That would require closing my eyes, so, no
Tue Apr 24, 2018 19:47

Marley was really enjoying Divinations. Her enjoyment of it had started off mostly because a lot of her friends were taking it too and partially because Kaz was one of the nicest professors ever, but to her surprise, it had turned into enjoying it because it was just so fun and fascinating. It was just as fascinating as Astronomy, really, and it was also really similar conceptually. Both topics were all about getting to know the universe better. Kaz had warned right from the start that it was impossible to learn all there was to know about divinations, but still, just from the classes they’d had so far, Marley had quickly realized that there were so many different ways people had tried divining.

Some of the methods, she hadn’t thought to take seriously. Like palmistry. Marley had been slightly familiar with it before this class, thanks to the friendly old lady with the garbled-thick accent who they often passed on summer days in Toronto’s walking district, offering readings for a toonie. One time, Dad had caved and given her a toonie to try it out. He’d found it pretty funny when the lady said her life-line reflected limited energy and the need to pace herself on the small stuff as well as the big stuff. Fortunately, the lady hadn’t seemed offended by his laughter, or at least it hadn’t stopped her from asking if he wanted a turn too.

Other methods, she hadn’t even known existed. There was one about interpreting spiderwebs, which she could understand since webs were really quite pretty and mysterious-looking in the right light (though thank gosh Kit’s spider didn’t make webs, at least not that she was aware of, because Darby was big enough that his webs could probably trap a lot more than flies) but then there was another one about interpreting how ants walked, which was absolutely bizarre. It had never occurred to her that ants might be interesting enough for someone to have stopped and stared at them, and not just stopped and stared, but stopped and stared so intensely that they felt like they could see the future in all those tiny ant footprints. Realizing how much passion for ants the founder of that particular divining method must’ve had just made Marley respect it all the more.

Recognizing and respecting the passion that other people had about stuff (well, respecting as long as it was actually respect-worthy stuff) was a big part of her life, so maybe it made sense after all that she fit right into Kaz’s class. Because it was a big part of Divinations, too. Most people in the world didn’t have the right genetics or whatever for the Sight, which meant that the ratio of people involved in Divinations who were also Seers was way less than those who weren’t, which in turn meant that the majority of the divining community could only be part of the community by having respect for each other’s methods since every method had been invented by someone as a way to help them personally be the best they could at divining.

...Okay, scratch the ‘maybe’. How well she got on in this class definitely made sense. On the opposite hand, it made absolutely zero sense okay scratch that too; it was more like negative sense that Connor Farnon, who was among both the least respect-worthy and least respectful people in school, was also taking Divinations. On the same hand as that, she’d been negative surprised when he literally ran away literally immediately after Kaz announced partners assignments for their exploratory project. In addition to being negative surprised, Marley had also felt offended, but she was mostly annoyed, and swapped faces with Camilla that might’ve expressed something about how she hadn’t even bothered expecting better of him and how hashtag-sarcastic great it was she hadn’t wasted her time with that, but also might’ve just said ugh with a capital U.

His decision to schedule their first meeting himself instead of discussing it together, and to do so by sending a letter instead of using his words, was not exactly the straw that broke the camel, but at least the straw that gave it the straw equivalent of a papercut. Even Mister Sprockets agreed with her, refusing to stop his high-pitched squawks and attempts at clawing the other owl until she threw an oversized ball cap over to trap him. (Well, it was possible that Mister Sprockets was just annoyed about a different owl delivering her mail. He still didn’t seem to have figured out that his priority was delivering letters for her, not intercepting all of her own mail and hoarding it to bring to her. He really was a one-witch owl. Or maybe a one-owl owl was a better phrasing.)

Needless to say, Marley was Not Impressed at having to go meet up with her racistest classmate who insisted on running away because he apparently couldn’t be bothered to do her the courtesy of telling her he didn’t like her for no reason. Especially because she was still taking way too many classes, and hadn’t had time to break for lunch, and all she really wanted to do after Potions was go see if she could talk a house-elf into giving her a plate of vegan casserole as a very early dinner. She still made a detour to the Diner in between leaving the lab and going back to Lyra, and managed to eat an apple simultaneously as she switched out her flats for sneakers and pulled a slouchy lavender hoodie over her tank top. That meant she still had a whole sandwich left to tide her over. Connor was surely gonna ruin one of her favourite classes, and he would be easier to face with food as a distraction.

Good thing, too, because he was already missing the point. Marley couldn’t hold back a small eye-roll. “Hello, Connor, nice to see you too,” she returned, managing to come off more fake-polite than sarcastic, although it was still a fine line. “And no, unless you wanna read cheese holes.” That one was definitely sarcastic. She took a bite of her sandwich, swallowed, and continued, trying to be patient, “Like, we’re outside. We don’t need to force a prediction when it’s all right here waiting.” The sandwich-free dark hand gestured pointedly around them. “For all we know, we’re supposed to be doing hydromancy and it’ll start raining soon. Or, option two, I passed an anthill on the way.” After thinking about ants so randomly on the way over, she was sorta feeling like they should go there first... Well. She felt like she should. Who knew about Connor?

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