Holland Keene
Hotness is relative anyway
Sun Jan 15, 2017 23:14

Holland had always loved the stars.

There were so many mysteries on Earth, and so many questions, and Holland wanted to answer all of them. But they’d loved the stars longer and more brightly than anything else, which was why they were still taking Astronomy even though it was no longer required, and even though it had nothing to do with their career goals. Spellwork essentially covered everything they wanted to know for developing charms, but there was some overlap with Magical Sciences and Defense Against the Dark Arts. They took Ancient Runes for the translations and History of Magic to see what the commonly accepted stories were and Divinations because they were always, always looking ahead.

Something had to be out there, statistically. Out of billions of planets and countless galaxies and systems so vast humans hadn’t even realized they were cohesive yet, there was no way they were alone in the universe. At least, there was no way that Holland was willing to accept.

They’d read about cyanobacteria and other extremophiles and other forms of non-carbon-based life which were hard for humans to detect even within the solar system. They’d read about panspermia, and Holland didn’t think it was too implausible as an explanation for how life came to Earth. At least, not more implausible than any religious creation myth they’d ever heard.

So even though Astronomy didn’t require this level of homework, Holland liked to go out in the evening and look at the simulated stars. It made them feel inspired, and it was easier to work on homework when the sky (or ceiling) was full of other worlds. The Quidditch Pitch had the potential for company—Holland knew some of the upperclassmen used the broom shed as a private space—but the lecture halls were almost always empty after hours, so Holland’s go-to was the outdoor classroom.

Except that it wasn’t empty today. Holland used one arm to shield their eyes from the light spell, but tried to see around it. Between the sudden brightness and the general unexpectedness of seeing someone in a classroom when it was optional, they didn’t recognize the student. Whoever it was (a guy, based on the voice, although that didn’t really mean anything) mentioned aliens, which made the fifth-year perk up a bit.

“It’s not a real sky,” Holland said. They were wearing dark skinny jeans and a royal blue hoodie, and the seafoam green of their hair didn’t quite come through in the low light. “If aliens came down directly from space, they probably wouldn’t get into RMI,” they added. “At least not right away. Too much stuff above us.”

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