You should try it sometime
Sun Apr 29, 2018 17:25

Of course Marley Chapman hadn’t come prepared. Connor was, quite frankly, appalled that he had managed to give her that much credit. Not only had she not come prepared, but she had come with a sandwich. It was clear that she wasn’t taking this seriously in the least, and it was clear that he had been put at a disadvantage in having her as his partner. Perhaps Kaz didn’t know that Marley was the absolute worst of the worst - and even if he had, Connor would deign to acknowledge that someone had to partner with the worst person in the class - but it still seemed as though some sort of force was pushing him continuously into situations that were unpleasant. It was absolutely terrible, and Connor had experienced quite enough of it. But there was still the grade to be had, which meant seven more days (counting today) of dealing with Marley’s nonsense.

He grit his teeth.

“If you were appropriately prepared,” he said icily, ignoring her greeting that seemed more pointed than polite, “you would not have a sandwich with you. Take this more seriously in the future.” The boy would have typically said ‘please’ in such a request, but it was Marley and she clearly wasn’t putting forth any effort whatsoever. “There is no such thing as divination with cheese holes.” Connor wasn’t entirely sure he believed in divination at all after what he’d learned in class so far, but he did want to graduate from RMI so he knew that he would have to go along with it, at the very least. And it was much better than having to work under Professor Taylor’s exacting eye on things he suspected were more Muggle than magic, anyway.

“What we are supposed to do,” Connor continued stiffly, ignoring the itchy feeling that he always got when people around him talked about bugs, “is we are supposed to divine each others’ futures. Using methods that we have gone over extensively in class.” Admittedly, Kaz had not offered that restriction explicitly; Connor had inferred it. Kaz’s instructions often needed a little more structure, which Connor’s naturally rigid mind was inclined to give it without second thought or, at times, realization.

The bugs were something that Connor now couldn’t scrape from his mind, and he involuntarily brushed off the legs of his khakis, as though there were something crawling on him. “And ants are disgusting, I’m not going to feed them anything unless it’s poisoned!” That was the way ant divination worked, or at least as far as Connor remembered. It had been mentioned one of the days they’d talked about divinations from around the world, which was a lecture that he had largely failed to commit to memory. The ants were memorable, though. Apparently there were some uncivilized tribal people still in Africa who made sacrifices to ants and thought they could tell the future from how the ants ate the sacrifices. It was repulsive, and made Connor’s skin crawl.

Maybe there were important people whose ancestry was African, but Connor absolutely did not see the purpose of learning anything that people who still lived in tribes did. Some of them apparently didn’t even adhere to the structure of magic as the rest of the world knew it, which was just ridiculous to Connor. He didn’t understand how any of their teachers could possibly think that sharing information from that sort of crowd was beneficial to them in any way.

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    • You should try it sometime - Connor, Sun Apr 29 17:25
      • I don't take advice from you - Marley, Tue May 1 01:18
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        • You probably should - Connor, Tue May 8 19:15
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          • But your advice is terrible - Marley, Mon May 14 22:41
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