I don't take advice from you
Tue May 1, 2018 01:18

“If you were appropriately prepared...”

Marley was immediately even more grateful for the sandwich, because it turned out to be more than a distraction. Chomping down another bite was a fantastic way to prevent herself from denouncing the Cetus in front of her with a hearty oh heck no as he kept talking. If she didn’t know any better, she might’ve thought Connor was kidding, but (un)fortunately she was by now Super Aware of how the only way the word ‘kid’ applied to Connor was in terms of his maturity level. And/or general intelligence.

The more garbage he said, the more obvious it was he hadn’t been paying attention in classes at all. He clearly didn’t recognize either of the divining methods she’d referenced. Even more clearly, he didn’t get the point of Divination. This in spite of the fact that (a) they were over halfway through term and if that was long enough to learn how to Banish moderately sized objects, that was surely plenty long enough to learn the necessity of embracing natural rhythms for divining, and (b) in terms of the knowledge-to-niceness ratio, which was important for Marley’s own educational success and something she assumed to be a benefit for others too, Kaz was probably one of the best professors at RMI. How could Connor be a big enough idiot to disrespect Kaz and ignore his lessons?

The answer was “the same way that he could be a big enough idiot to talk to her as if he was the expert in this situation”. Also “the same way that he could be a big enough idiot to string her along flirting with him when he didn’t even like her and then complain about it to her own Head of House’s husband”. Also “the same way that he could be a big enough idiot to get beat up by her Head of House’s kid by not just keeping his racist garbage inside his head and sitting in a corner to get stale and irrelevant all by himself with her ex-BFF”. Also--

“Oh heck no.” The outburst was at least at regular volume, although paired with another eye-roll, but it still was precisely the thing Marley had been trying to avoid. Oops, she’d forgotten to take another bite. But oh well, she reflected, even her mental voice sarcastic. It wasn’t like she was actually bothered by the deviation. If Connor wasn’t gonna at least fake getting along with her for the sake of doing a good job on their assignment, then she wasn’t gonna waste her time with that, either.

“Sorry,” the ever-stereotypical Canadian apologized anyways, her tone unstereotypically unapologetic. “But why are you even here if you’re not gonna ‘take it seriously’?” The repeat of his accusation was paired with one-handed air-quotes. “Did you even pay attention to the assignment? It’s an exploratory project. Not all divining methods are suitable for all people - and don’t you dare say that’s silly,” dark brown eyes frowned warningly, “because it’s the same with spellcasting or algebra. There’s some approaches that fit to you better, and sticking to class notes isn’t gonna help us find new options for ourselves. Also, tiromancy is a totally legit form of divination. People in France have been making predictions from holes and molds and other cheese parts for, like, centuries. And also, I wasn’t talking about divination by ant consumption; I meant behavioural divination. The patterns they walk in, and where antholes are. Touching or feeding them would disrupt that.

“And another thing,” Marley continued, although she had to pause to take a quick, deep breath in order to make sure she wouldn’t run out of air and leave room for Connor to interrupt. It was a good thing she had so much practice with talking in long chunks. “I don’t appreciate you demanding a meeting time. It would’ve taken a minute for us to just talk about it in class, and then I could’ve explained that my class schedule is crazy and I literally don’t have time to eat lunch on Tuesdays, but instead you had to run away and then try to take power or whatever by doing this? And then accuse me of not being prepared?” She scoffed. Her cheeks felt flushed with heat, and for the zillionth time since discovering boys (and sometimes girls), she sent a little silent gratitude to her African great-grandparents. Dark skin was a blessing. And a curse, when it came to Connor, apparently. “Can’t you at least pretend to treat me like a human?”

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