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Wed May 2, 2018 11:57

Magizoobotany was just another one of those boring classes for the fifth year. That wasn’t going to stop him from taking it of course – the botany part was a bit important in his opinion and even the zoology part of it could be fun at times. But most of the time things were boring. It wasn’t that they weren’t stimulating intellectually. They just didn’t provide a challenge. It didn’t help that Bryn tended to be lazy. He preferred working smart, not hard and that often caused problems for certain parts of classes. The ones where he couldn’t finagle his way around homework and such meant that he actually had to focus on them. Plants made that hard because they were – plants. Something about them didn’t click in Bryn’s head and it was frustrating because for Merlin’s sake they were just leaves growing out of the ground!

In any event, the fifth year decided that the distraction of the zoo part of Magizoobotany was more welcome than going to deal with the various fauna that were waiting for him by the wooded corner of the classroom. Instead, he plopped down on the bench beside the younger year, looking over the things she had completed already. Her reasoning was sound as well. The method probably helped quite a bit with memorization. The girl spoke about her father and Bryn found himself nodding along. “That’s awesome,” he said, eyes still roaming over the other drawings. It seemed like a good idea – maybe something that could help him memorize plants and their different medicinal and magical purposes. “It sounds like you’ve got a pretty good process down too.”

Belatedly, Bryn was sure that he didn’t sound nearly as enthusiastic as his mind was. He was still processing a lot and he was pretty sure that his “appease the purebloods” mechanism was permanently stuck in the on position. He hadn’t felt much like himself since returning from break. At her question, the Draco pulled out his own notebook from the bag that was hanging from his shoulder. It contained all the scrawled notes that he’d taken in the library about the plants he was supposed to know more about by now. “I’m studying too,” he said, flashing a smile as he waved the notebook sheepishly. “Plants and their properties are escaping my memory and I thought maybe coming out to identify them would help.” The ideas were similar, just he wasn’t drawing them – yet. “Do you mind if I stay? There isn’t anything else going on in here and I promise I won’t bother you.” Bryn knew how much he valued being undisturbed when he was studying, so he would understand if the girl wanted him to leave.

  • Maybe I can help - Sara, Mon Apr 23 13:25
    The third-year was evidently proud of the work she had done. So far, she had finished with unicorns, sphinxes, chimeras, and had started with manticores, ashwinders and an introduction to dragons.... more
    • I'm open to suggestions - Bryn, Wed May 2 11:57
      • Sara smiled smugly. She loved that an older student was commenting positive things on her project! She was proud of the effort she was putting into the book, especially because her father had told... more
        • I'll be waiting for an answer then - Bryn, Wed May 16 00:20
          The girl seemed rather appreciative of Bryn’s praise. He flushed a little, dusky red overtaking the normal pale of his face. He was glad that she was taking it well and even that she’d been... more
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