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Tue May 8, 2018 19:15

Why was Marley always so melodramatic and ridiculous? Connor understood that there were some things to be expected of people in Lyra House, but there was something to be said about being too much of a stereotype. There was, in fact, a lot to be said about being too much of a stereotype, and much (if not all) of those things could be said about Marley. Whether Connor was likely to say them to Marley was an entirely different situation. In Cultural Studies, they had talked about stereotypes and discrimination, in which Professor Blair had made it particularly clear that she cared for neither thing, but in Connor’s mind that was wrong-headed. There were stereotypes for a reason. Perhaps not all of them were true, but all of them had their roots in truth. For example, it was a stereotype that Muggleborns were bad at magic and certainly not true of all Muggleborns, but Connor had seen himself in their first two years that students not raised in magical families struggled more in the integration of magic into their lives. He certainly did not fault them for it - they had no way of knowing that they had been deprived of a more civilized way of living - but it certainly did provide some backing for the stereotype.

“Informing you via note is treating you like a human,” Connor said stiffly, choosing to address the last of Marley’s complaints first, as it was the most ridiculous. “As you are in possession of the ability to read and the ability to use a quill, you were perfectly capable of sending me a note in reply indicating that your schedule did not permit you to meet today, and we could have begun the project tomorrow. I am merely trying to achieve a satisfactory mark on the project.” He graciously chose to not include any commentary on his opinion on the choice of partner Kaz had made for him. “So there is absolutely no need for you to become overly hysterical. We can either do this now, or return to it later.”

With any luck, Marley would agree to do part of the project now, thereby freeing Connor from the fate of having to spend even more time with her. Her obsessive nature and lack of ability to control her own emotions had led to enough catastrophes last year that Connor had experienced his lifetime’s fill of them. There was no need to rile her up more, and hopefully his words had at least partially mitigated the situation as he conceded the point that her schedule might need a bit of working-around. To be fair, Connor had not considered his yearmate’s schedule when he had proposed their meeting; he had assumed that it was a convenient time of day to get this sort of thing over with, and that Marley would have as much interest in doing so as he did.

“My apologies,” he added, the next time Marley’s incessant talking gave him a window. “For not considering your schedule.”

There. Connor was nothing if not appropriate, even when it was to a person that he could have easily treated as his mortal enemy, or at the very least, as a confirmed obsessive and stalker. He could maintain a standard of behaviour, unlike some people.

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    • You probably should - Connor, Tue May 8 19:15
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