Let me think about it and I’ll get back to you
Wed May 9, 2018 13:47

Sara smiled smugly. She loved that an older student was commenting positive things on her project! She was proud of the effort she was putting into the book, especially because her father had told her that it could help with her college application when she graduated RMI. Sara was sure she was going to attend the University of San Diego for her higher education. More importantly, she was well aware that their Magizoology program was one of the best programs in the United Stated and it helped that her father worked there. She didn't have any other incentives to look elsewhere. She knew she could get into the program with no problema. Magical Animals was the one thing that made the mexican-american in the academic world, and she was incredibly good at it.

“Thank you,” she said with a smile. “I have been working on this since midterm. My father helped me a bit over break,” she said while pairing a couple of stray papers that had notes on them.

The thirteen-year old placed a loose strand of hair behind her ear before looking at the older student and smiled, “Yes, I don't mind if you stay,” she answered. “There is a lot of space to house both of us,” she grinned. “Though my papers might suddenly explode,” she said looking around where she had been working. There were a lot of papers, art supplies, notebooks and books strawn all over the classroom. “I’m sorry about the mess, though,” she smiled sheepishly and started trying to organize all of her things. It was a bit embarrassing, but Sara preferred to work under organize chaos or so she liked to think.

After a minute she looked up with a smile, “I am Sara,” she introduced herself. She was sure she had seen him around, but couldn't remember his name and she thought it would be rude to ask for it without introducing herself. It had been a while since they had classes together.

  • I'm open to suggestions - Bryn, Wed May 2 11:57
    Magizoobotany was just another one of those boring classes for the fifth year. That wasn’t going to stop him from taking it of course – the botany part was a bit important in his opinion and even the ... more
    • Let me think about it and I’ll get back to you - Sara, Wed May 9 13:47
      • I'll be waiting for an answer then - Bryn, Wed May 16 00:20
        The girl seemed rather appreciative of Bryn’s praise. He flushed a little, dusky red overtaking the normal pale of his face. He was glad that she was taking it well and even that she’d been... more
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