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Wed May 16, 2018 00:20

The girl seemed rather appreciative of Bryn’s praise. He flushed a little, dusky red overtaking the normal pale of his face. He was glad that she was taking it well and even that she’d been enthusiastic in showing him. Some people didn’t seem to like him all that much – although he couldn’t imagine why. Maybe it was because he was too nice? He was basically Norah’s counter-balance. Where his sister was a bit rough around the edges in the friendship zone, Bryn tried his best to be nice to just about everyone. You never knew where people were at in life and so the Draco tried to be kind unless they were downright awful to him.

“Well it looks like it’s coming together nicely!” Bryn commented on her progress. It was cool that her dad was helping her too. Sometimes, the sixteen year old wished his parents were more involved in his life instead of wrapped up in his sister, but at the same time he was also grateful. It gave him certain liberties, although those were currently being taken away from him by the idea of that damned betrothal. If there was a way to get out of it, Bryn would find it. Hopefully it wouldn’t mean that his parents spent more of their time focusing on what he did while at school. Merlin knew that would be a disaster.

With the girl’s go ahead, Bryn headed over to one of the nearby tables that was mostly empty and set his bag down on it. The area he’d chosen was relatively close to the fauna that he was so interested in and it was the area that wasn’t completely covered in sketches and notes. He didn’t mind though, it was interesting to see all the notes in small handwriting with drawings to match. Definitely a good way to organize even if they were all over the place. The girl was apologizing for it and Bryn shook his head. He really didn’t mind. They spent a minute or so in silence before her voice sounded again, this time with her name.

“I’m Bryn,” he responded in kind, giving his nickname from the start. He’d found recently that it was much easier to just introduce himself as Bryn and be done with it, instead of going through his typical Brynjolf, but you can call me Bryn bit. It had gotten a bit dull and tedious, so his nickname stuck. He knew that they had been in class together before, but that was probably two years ago when he’d had the last of his mandatory third year lessons. Once he moved to fourth year, he’d stopped seeing some of the familiar faces of the second years and he barely even knew anyone below third year these days. “Thanks for letting me stay,” he continued, smiling at her as he made his way over to the side of the room. “The mess is really no trouble and if your papers explode – well, we’ll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it!”

  • Sara smiled smugly. She loved that an older student was commenting positive things on her project! She was proud of the effort she was putting into the book, especially because her father had told... more
    • I'll be waiting for an answer then - Bryn, Wed May 16 00:20
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