If you've never followed it, how do you know?
Thu May 17, 2018 08:49

The thing about Marley that drove Connor absolutely mad - well, okay, there was a long list of those. One of the main things about Marley that drove Connor absolutely mad was that you couldn’t say two and a half words to her without her going off on some rant about society that was only tangentially related to anything actually going on in the conversation. In this instance, he was glad that his apology had derailed Marley’s meandering into the realm of what a word used to mean to Muggle men and what they did to who. The last time Connor had checked, he wasn’t a Muggle man and he had no intention of locking anyone in a hospital (although if it were a satisfactory method of keeping Marley quiet and out of his way, he could see the appeal) so it wasn’t even remotely relevant to Connor, his life, or what he was trying to do: pass Divinations.

Unfortunately, he was partnered with Marley and she was insistent about doing cheese divination, which Connor knew for a fact was not a real thing. It was clear that Marley hadn’t been paying as much attention as she should have been in class or in their readings, or she would know that cheese divination had never been mentioned. But at the same time, Connor realized that his capacity to argue with the obnoxious girl in front of him was limited, and that since this was a week long project, he would have to portion out that energy sparingly. He prevented himself from sighing and rolling his eyes; a year ago, he wouldn’t even thought of doing that - it was rude - but a year ago had been a very different time and Marley had clearly demonstrated that she had no knowledge of or concern for proper manners and society.

“Sure,” Connor agreed to the early breakfast. At least then their meeting wouldn’t be hanging over his head all day and he could do things without feeling moderately anxious and concerned about what nonsense Marley was going to pull. Because it was always something.

For example now, in that very moment, when she was insisting that they go look at ants. Connor hated bugs. He hated dirt, he hated bugs, and he hated being outside most of the time. He liked the inside, where there were not dirt and bugs. If he had to be outside, such as for the Agricultural Club he had joined in the hopes of making friends earlier that year, he preferred to do it in limited quantities, good company, and with a purpose that he could quickly complete and move forward from. But now Marley was going to make him get close to disgusting, crawly bugs and stare at them and take notes on them or whatever and he was absolutely not going to do that. It was the Cheez Whiz situation all over again, and Connor was absolutely not going to stand for being terrorized again.

“Absolutely not,” he snapped. “Bugs are disgusting and I am not going anywhere near them. There are plenty of things we can do that are less tribal,” Connor said the word disdainfully, “and less dirty. Just because you’re loud and talk a lot does not mean that you get to decide everything about our project. Now sit down and let’s do something civilized.”

  • But your advice is terrible - Marley, Mon May 14 22:41
    Connor’s insistence that his actions had been perfectly acceptable was perfectly ridiculous. It took all she had not to interrupt him right there and give him a lecture about how literally over a... more
    • If you've never followed it, how do you know? - Connor, Thu May 17 08:49
      • Connor agreed immediately to meet her for breakfast tomorrow. She’d assumed he would and paused appropriately, but it was still toootally suspicious and caused her to direct a skeptical,... more
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