When it's a clear error, it doesn't need trialing
Tue May 29, 2018 14:05

Connor agreed immediately to meet her for breakfast tomorrow. She’d assumed he would and paused appropriately, but it was still toootally suspicious and caused her to direct a skeptical, both-eyebrows-raised-but-only-slightly Look at him. (Raising only one eyebrow would’ve made more sense contextually, but that was tricky enough that she knew better than to try it, especially in such a… ‘delicate’ wasn’t the right word to describe their current interaction but, y’know, risky or whatever. Trying and failing to do a one-eyebrow-raise would be obvious and therefore not good.) (And then, since she was raising both eyebrows, she could only do it slightly, duh, because she had thick black eyebrows that were pretty hard to ignore and anything more than slight when both were involved only made her look surprised, which was nowhere near the type of Look she was going for and again wouldn’t have had a good effect here.)

Not much time had passed before Marley was going for a very different type of Look, because literally every sentence out of his mouth was either plain stupid or plain wrong or plain rude or a mix of all three. How was it even possible for him to say so many imbecilic things in a row? She didn’t have negative opinions of too many other people at RMI, but even those who might be able to compare had some parts of them that were okay enough to not compare at all. Like, Buckley was good for a debate, and maybe a third of the stuff he said was confusing but not really offensive. And Lucien or Justin from a couple years ago, they’d both always been polite and sometimes even helped her and the other younger students with homework - well okay Justin more than Lucien, especially after the Holland thing, but still. Connor, on the other hand, might be moderately good-looking, because a person being ugly inside didn’t actually make them ugly on the outside like her uncle’s hand-me-down Roald Dahl books claimed, but the lack of any qualities he’d previously had that had somehow contributed to her embarrassing crush on him had long been replaced by ‘all bad qualities and nothing redeeming’. He was the worst. Everything he said and did was the worst. He was the worst of all the Purebloods and she despised his face and there was absolutely a hole where his brain should be.

“What the hell, Connor,” she snapped, and immediately blushed hard enough that she was certain the redness was visible even under her dark skin. Marley didn’t swear, ever. Um. Almost never. She’d grown up hearing her mum swear a lot, because she was a woman in a male-dominated industry and had appropriate, if often loud and strongly-worded, feelings about how she was treated sometimes. As a result, there had been a few times that Marley swore as a kid, and then her grandparents had been shocked and her mum tried to stop swearing to get her to stop too, or however that was supposed to work. (Her dad never contributed much to those conversations, although whether that was because he genuinely had no opinion or because he knew better than to try making his opinion heard when there were already too many Chapmans in the ice-cream parlour was a mystery that didn’t really need answering.) So swearing like this right now came as a bit of a shock to her, because wow that had just jumped out.

But what was she supposed to do? She could remind him that there were billions more insects than any other animal on the planet, and that right now there were bugs living on and inside them and those bugs actually helped them stay alive in various ways. Except first of all Connor wasn’t taking Magical Sciences and would just accuse her of lying, and he probably didn’t believe in science anyways, and also it would just give him a chance to say something racist about how not all humans were animals. (And also, despite not minding bugs, the reality that there were bugs inside of her all the time was a little icky and not something Marley wanted to think about too much.) So then maybe she should remind him instead about First Nations and Native American history, and how tribes were actually super intricate with all these layers of relationships, and that just because they had as much respect for ants (to be honest she couldn’t remember if Professor Blair had said anything specifically about ants but she did remember stuff about mountains and fish and surely ants fit in too) as for humans didn’t mean Connor was allowed to judge them and use words like ‘tribal’ in that tone. Except Connor actually was taking Cultural Studies with her and clearly hadn’t learned anything, so what was the point trying to re-teach him?

Ugh, teaching people how to not be idiots was frustrating and hard and exhausting, too. And to think Holland had been doing this for, like, at least as long as she’d been at RMI, and likely even earlier! She wondered how they did it. Not only that, but how did they do it so much and still look amazing? Some people were just lucky, she supposed.

Anyways Connor was being an idiot, again, and she’d just sworn at him, for the first time but it didn’t feel like it would be the last time, and having made no progress deciding on how best to educate him, she just let out a mad-sigh and sat right down on the ground. “I can’t decide whether you’re just a misogynist on top of being a racist homophobe and if that’s why you can’t accept that sometimes girls have valid opinions and aren’t interested in being bossed around by people like you who already control everything thanks to the patriarchy,” she informed him in one long sentence, taking a quick breath before continuing anticlimactically, “or if you’re just a wimp. If you’re not gonna sit, then at least stop whining so I can focus.” Turning away, her stiff curls blocking him from view, she closed her eyes for a slow in-and-out to relax her body and then opened them, letting them roam idly until they caught on an ant. It had a redder middle than other ants nearby, and Marley dedicated herself to focusing on that in order to properly and completely ignore Connor.

  • The thing about Marley that drove Connor absolutely mad - well, okay, there was a long list of those. One of the main things about Marley that drove Connor absolutely mad was that you couldn’t say... more
    • When it's a clear error, it doesn't need trialing - Marley, Tue May 29 14:05
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