And a little existential
Mon Jan 16, 2017 02:04

He nodded and flicked his wand in a tight spiral with a mutter. This charm was one Russell had practiced a lot. California was basically all summer; avoiding the sun was inconvenient, but more so was the fact that he couldn't avoid the heat no matter how high his parent's air conditioner was set. Of course, he hadn't been able to cast it unless his tutor was around, since that would've been a violation of underage magic and he didn't really want to find out whether breaking that law was a Particularly Bad Thing or just average-bad.

The gentle swirl of cold air from his larch wand caused the smoke to blow away - or so he assumed, eyes narrowed as he tried to determine whether the haze of light-milk-chocolate-grey was actually disappearing or just shifting around. Russell took a few tentative steps forward. Theoretically he could've smelled it out, but his nose felt pretty plugged and pre-smoked from the fire earlier. But it seemed like the farther he walked, the farther away the smoke appeared, or the closer the trees appeared, anyways, so that was probably a good sign.

He didn't have too long to appreciate walking in the normal, smoke-free, fire-free forest. Up ahead was a massive wall. Like, massive enough that he half-expected James Bond to come rappelling down the side. Russell was taller than the average fourteen-year-old, but he didn't have to try jumping to know that he wouldn't be able to clear it.

He tried anyways, just in case.

"Owww." Having taken it upon himself to run suddenly at the wall and make an unimpressive leap upwards, and subsequently fallen back to the ground where his landing was not at all cat-like, Russell was now gingerly getting back to his feet. He rubbed his bum with a wince. "Um, so that was dumb." Because that was a necessary statement.

"I'm guessing Summoning a broom would be cheating. I could... boost you up?" he offered with blatant skepticism. Obviously, he had to offer; he didn't have a clue whether Holland should fit more in the male or female role in their current situation, but he was definitely male and men were supposed to be able to do the strength things, even if they were scrawny like him. His (almost-but-not-quite nonexistent) pride wouldn't let him offer to be the one boosted. But he sort of hoped Holland would suggest it. Then he could play along without feeling too lame.

  • I’m mostly apocryphal - Holland, Sun Jan 15 17:44
    Russell’s water charm came out with all the strength of a fire hose, which startled Holland a bit but got the job done. Their own (more restrained) spell was a controlled stream that they used to... more
    • And a little existential - Russell, Mon Jan 16 02:04
      • But you’re less hypothetical - Holland, Tue Jan 17 15:14
        Russell’s spell worked exactly as he said it would, and Holland did their best to commit his wand movement and incantation to memory. He sort of mumbled it, so they would likely ask later. It could... more
        • That's canonical - Russell , Wed Jan 18 19:13
          "Oh, really?" was his reply as he tried not to look too relieved. He thought Holland was a little shorter than him, maybe - it was hard to tell accurately since he was still barefoot and that might... more
          • And not allegorical - Holland, Mon Jan 23 14:13
            “It’s just mud,” they said, not flinching as Russell stepped into their hand. Obviously they’d prefer not getting muddy, but it was a lost cause at this point in the obstacle course. The mud would... more
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