A good student is a sign of a great teacher
Mon Jun 11, 2018 23:34

Watching their raised wand critically, he was pleased to note that he didn't feel their spell settle on him at all. Even anticipating it as he was, it had still been undetectable. Perfect. He had never actively duelled Holland before, as they weren't in Duelling Club and he was not in the habit of fighting exes for fun, so couldn't properly speak to their performance under pressure, but this spell was cautionary and not meant to be cast under pressure anyways.

"...would Kaye not approve?"

Arms still crossed over his chest, Ruben snorted, amused. Naturally, his first instinct was to return their teasing with a healthy dose of his own. However, and even more naturally, his priority instinct right now was not health in terms of sarcasm but Holland's literal health. He had been enjoying their one-on-one meetings for more than the training element, but regardless, that was the focus here. And so he restrained the impulse for a more thorough or interesting dialogue, instead just letting a smirk slide out briefly as he remarked, "Oh, I am sure that she would appreciate this." The smirk was quickly reined back in, Ruben just as quickly pulling a tense-and-relax of his upper body musculature in preparation of the direction of their wand. (It had been aimed higher rather than lower, and while there was nothing on either end they hadn't seen already - because he did value his relationship with Kaye and wasn't quite enough of an ass to let his entire outfit unravel, briefs and all - well, he supposed their aim was at least to the benefit of Danny's more fragile ego.) He unfolded his arms and, having decided to go the simple route for the sake of this demonstration, gestured with his right hand. "Lumos."

There was a second's lag between the formation of a ball of light over his palm and the tug of threads at his opposite shoulder. They should definitely work on that. But when it kicked in, Oden, it kicked as well as he remembered it from last time. Testing the strength of Holland's casting, and his too by default, the blonde grit his teeth and kept the Lumos going, no emotion escaping his otherwise stoic face as his shirtsleeve unwound and fine red burn-lines made their mark on his skin. Once the sleeve had vanished entirely, he closed his fingers over the light and was satisfied to note that the spell clung on through his nonverbal Nox. Well, internally satisfied. Externally, there was a spontaneous expression that Ruben absolutely refused to label as a 'wince' which had been brought on by the last straggling thread before it slowed and cooled.

"About fifteen seconds for a sleeve," Ruben announced, in equal parts to them as to himself. "Pretty good. Finite." The word was immediately followed by another expression that was not a wince. "Do you want to try aiming to the right this time, a bit harder, see if you can get the other side faster? This shirt would look nice as a tank, ja?" He grinned and flexed his freed arm. "Or we could move on to review your self-defense and come back to this again later."

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    • A good student is a sign of a great teacher - Ruben, Mon Jun 11 23:34
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