Myfanwy Owen
Winding down [TAG: Leo or Nolan}
Sun Jul 15, 2018 16:27

When it seemed like everyone had settled, Myfanwy indulged in a small baked potato with tomato and herb sauce and a little salad on the side. After she was done eating, and satisfied that at least some of her guests had enjoyed themselves, the Lyra searched for two faces in particular. Most of the guests could enjoy raspberries for dessert, but Myffi had a little something special with her that she wasn’t prepared to share except with her closest friends. Just before she’d left California to return to RMI, Cledan had baked her sister some brownies that contained a special ingredient she almost certainly wasn’t supposed to have with her on school grounds. Particularly now she wore a badge proclaiming her to be Head Girl.

In her defense, Myfanwy had not requested the accolade, and all her dealings with illicit substances had been initiated prior to receiving the badge. For example, in the first year she had been running AgriClub, Myffi had discovered that Ruben had been taking produce grown in the allotment to make his own alcoholic beverages. She had done research over that summer, and together they had improved on his initial product, and made a few more varieties, too. On one occasion, Myfanwy had consumed a reasonable amount of their alcohol with Marissa Kendrick. Now both those students had graduated, only Myfanwy herself and Ruben’s girlfriend, Kaye, knew about their secret distillery. If Myffi decided to tell anyone else about their stash, it would either be Leo - arguably her closest friend at the school, and definitely one with whom she’d spent a lot of time last year, as she helped him with his studies and he taught her how to ride a broomstick and develop some basic Quidditch skills - or Nolan, who was perhaps the most committed member of AgriClub besides Myffi herself, and was very laid back. Neither of these students would rat Myffi out to the staff, she was almost positive.

If they wouldn’t go to the administration regarding underground (literally; all of RMI was underground) alcohol production, Myfanwy believed it unlikely that Leo or Nolan would object to her consuming goods baked with the secret ingredient on school grounds, either. In fact she was hoping one of them might want to join her in winding down with a tasty treat. Having spied one of the boys, Myffi sat down next to him, dropping her canvas bag onto the floor. Looking into the flames, she casually asked, “Hypothetically, if I had some vegan brownies in a brown paper bag, and these brownies were likely to have side effects, given the properties of the plant product they contain as an extra ingredient, and assuming I offered you one, would you accept it?”

  • Agricultural Club Bonfire Buffet - Myfanwy Owen, Sun Jul 15 16:16
    The first Agriculture Club meeting of the year had been advertised by fliers (written on recycled paper using vegetable inks) around the school from the moment Myfanwy had obtained permission from... more
    • I regret my choices - Connor Farnon, Wed Jul 18 16:41
      Of the things that Connor didn’t like about RMI, Agricultural Club wasn’t near the top of the list. Some of the members of Agricultural Club were near the top of the list, most specifically Marley... more
      • Oh finally, you're making progress - Marley Chapman, Thu Jul 19 16:26
        Walking around to admire the assortment of vegetables that had been spread out, Marley’s smile just kept growing bigger. Their little club had started from nothing and grown all of this, and now they ... more
        • Does progress need to be made? - Connor, Mon Jul 23 14:36
          Who else would it be but Marley Chapman. Not someone like her, but the demon herself. Another day, another opportunity for Marley to do something terrible to Connor. Clearly he should have just... more
          • Of course, the first thing Connor did was frown at her. She was all prepared to make some kind of sarcastic apology for having germs but what could she do, she was just human, except he followed up... more
            • Honestly I feel so attacked right now - Connor, Wed Jul 25 16:20
              He should have known that their conversation would end up like this. No matter how polite Connor tried to be, Marley ruined it every time. All he had done was ask if she had experience cooking... more
              • Honestly you're the worst - Marley, Thu Jul 26 16:06
                “This is such a nonsensical way of cooking things…” Marley giggled, which may have made it seem like she was laughing at Connor’s oh-so-very entitled complaint about the lack of house-elves present... more
                • No, you're the worst - Connor, Thu Jul 26 17:24
                  Great, now Marley was laughing at him. Connor let out his breath sharply in exasperation and stuck his wand in the pocket of his now grass-stained khakis. Because of course Marley was laughing at... more
                  • Now you're just copying - Marley, Fri Jul 27 23:02
                    There was so much that was backwards in what Connor was saying that for a moment she wasn’t even sure where to start. There was also so much that was baffling that she didn’t know whether to react... more
                    • Now you're just copying - Connor, Sat Jul 28 12:38
                      It wasn’t unusual for Connor to be confused when talking to Marley because she often said things that didn’t make sense. Usually they could be tied back to the conversation as a whole, though, which... more
                      • When she tuned back in, it was a nice change of pace to note that Connor actually wasn’t being all Muggle-phobic or Eurocentric Magick-centric or whatever (he was technically European so... more
                        • All right, the potato was apparently supposed to do that, according to Marley. Although Marley didn’t seem as though she were particularly sure, as she scampered off to see Myffi and check, leaving... more
    • Winding down [TAG: Leo or Nolan} - Myfanwy Owen, Sun Jul 15 16:27
      • I can roll with this - Leopold Harris, Mon Jul 16 17:53
        Leo had spent the morning with Eugene. In fact he had spent almost every morning since he’d come back to school being dogged by his little brother. At first he’d thought it was kind of endearing to... more
        • Re: I can roll with this - Myfanwy, Tue Jul 17 15:31
          Sitting around a bonfire in the evening of a warm September day, the weather charms creating a soft breeze that lightly brushed along Myffi’s bare forearms, the seventh year felt almost giddy with... more
          • Re: I can roll with this - Leo, Wed Jul 18 22:03
            Cledan sounded like something you might call your owl not a person so of course it made sense that one of Myffi’s friends and/or relative had such a name. She was Welsh after all and it seemed to him ... more
            • Y’all give up on subjects? - Nolan Ramsey, Thu Jul 19 17:20
              Even if they didn’t get to eat the food, Nolan would still participate in AgriClub. Pearl Street was pretty cool, especially now that Nolan could go up and see Quint a few blocks away, but a city was ... more
              • Re: Y’all give up on subjects? - Myffi, Fri Jul 20 15:35
                Leo took a brownie, eagerly consuming almost the whole, roughly cut chunk in one bite. He didn’t object to its taste - history had taught Myfanwy that if Leo didn’t like something he would say so -... more
                • We're just going around in circles - Leo, Mon Jul 23 10:13
                  Leo couldn’t pinpoint the exact time Nolan Ramsey decided to join them. One moment it was just Myffi and him, happily hanging out and then Leo looked around and Nolan was just there . Leo could never ... more
                  • Let’s add a twist - Myffi, Tue Jul 24 04:48
                    This felt like a moment. There was a beautiful dusk, and a crackling bonfire, and Leo was super close. They’d been close before, looking at the same page in a textbook, or even closer, when Leo had... more
                    • How about an olive? - Nolan, Tue Jul 24 16:40
                      “ I feel obliged to inform you that these brownies are legal only for medicinal use where you come from. ” Huh. Well, this was going to be a much more interesting AgriClub event than he had been... more
                      • Nah, too bitter - Leo, Sun Jul 29 11:42
                        Leo’s head was spinning and it had little to do with the brownies. Myffi had just kissed him. Of course Leo had wanted Myffi to kiss him but now that it had happened he wasn’t sure what to do about... more
                        • Would you prefer something sweet? - Myffi, Mon Jul 30 03:43
                          Leo’s reaction was just to sort of look at her. Myffi guessed that, like her, he was trying to figure out what this new twist was all about. Then he laughed a bit, albeit nervously, and Myffi decided ... more
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