Connor Farnon
I regret my choices
Wed Jul 18, 2018 16:41

Of the things that Connor didn’t like about RMI, Agricultural Club wasn’t near the top of the list. Some of the members of Agricultural Club were near the top of the list, most specifically Marley Chapman, but the club itself was - well, he could tolerate it. And tolerate it Connor did, because after the event with Andrew he had needed friends and decided that Agricultural Club was the place to get them, since Quidditch was clearly not an option thanks to Andrew’s influence on the team. It had worked in his favour, because through Agricultural Club, Connor had met Nolan. He rather liked Nolan. The other boy was from a well-respected pureblood family, even if he liked rolling around in the dirt with vegetables.

That, of course, was the problem with Agricultural Club. There was so much dirt, it was everywhere, and he was expected to touch it. When he could, Connor got away with not touching the dirt. He would hold other things, or use spells to water plants, or whatever was necessary and did not involve actual dirt-related contact. Unfortunately that wasn’t always the case, and that afternoon he had found himself touching dirt in an attempt to gather vegetables for the stupid back-to-school event that Myfanwy had planned. Myfanwy was some bizarre vegan disaster who was friends with everyone. Connor would have found that more unfortunate than he did if Marley hadn’t been there to constantly compare against Myfanwy.

It had been some time since Marley had tried to kill him and then followed up that act by literally chasing him out of class, but that didn’t mean that Connor had forgotten or forgiven her for doing so. She was a constant presence in his life, to the point of invading his dreams more than once in the past several years, where she tended to continue her reign of terror. He absolutely could not understand the purpose of Marley Chapman and was fairly certain she was going to grow up into the sort of stalker-slash-serial-killer that ended up plastered across the pages of the Daily Prophet. All Connor could hope was that he didn’t end up as her first victim, but given how obsessed she was with him, the English boy couldn’t help but suspect he ought to stay on his toes. It was probably just a matter of time.

As it was, Connor supposed he ought to find himself some food whilst being practically forced to be outside. It was unfortunate, because he didn’t particularly like vegetables. Or rather, he hadn’t liked vegetables and then he had found out that they came from dirt and now he really didn’t like vegetables. They often tasted far too bitter for his tastebuds, which preferred blander options. Surveying the options, Connor decided that the best route to take would be to bake a potato in the bonfire. That sounded messy, but Connor didn’t want to look like he wasn’t participating in the activity and he was a bit hungry, anyway. Ugh. Why had he done this to himself?

Making the effort to come into physical contact with as little of the potato as possible, Connor held it up as far away from him as he could and aimed his wand at the brown vegetable. A carefully controlled spurt of pressurized water came out of his wand as Connor attempted to be as sure as possible that there was no more dirt left on the tuber. As satisfied as he was going to be with the situation, he placed the potato on top of some aluminium foil and folded the foil around the potato. With his wand, Connor carefully levitated the foil-wrapped potato over the fire and was lowering it carefully when someone banged into him and he fell over, the potato thumping down and causing sparks to fly.

Connor sat up and brushed himself off, then examined his khaki pants for grass stains, then looked around to see who had barged into him. If it was someone worthwhile he wouldn’t want to be rude, but if it was someone like Marley Chapman - well, all bets would be off.

  • Agricultural Club Bonfire Buffet - Myfanwy Owen, Sun Jul 15 16:16
    The first Agriculture Club meeting of the year had been advertised by fliers (written on recycled paper using vegetable inks) around the school from the moment Myfanwy had obtained permission from... more
    • I regret my choices - Connor Farnon, Wed Jul 18 16:41
      • Oh finally, you're making progress - Marley Chapman, Thu Jul 19 16:26
        Walking around to admire the assortment of vegetables that had been spread out, Marley’s smile just kept growing bigger. Their little club had started from nothing and grown all of this, and now they ... more
        • Does progress need to be made? - Connor, Mon Jul 23 14:36
          Who else would it be but Marley Chapman. Not someone like her, but the demon herself. Another day, another opportunity for Marley to do something terrible to Connor. Clearly he should have just... more
          • Of course, the first thing Connor did was frown at her. She was all prepared to make some kind of sarcastic apology for having germs but what could she do, she was just human, except he followed up... more
            • Honestly I feel so attacked right now - Connor, Wed Jul 25 16:20
              He should have known that their conversation would end up like this. No matter how polite Connor tried to be, Marley ruined it every time. All he had done was ask if she had experience cooking... more
              • Honestly you're the worst - Marley, Thu Jul 26 16:06
                “This is such a nonsensical way of cooking things…” Marley giggled, which may have made it seem like she was laughing at Connor’s oh-so-very entitled complaint about the lack of house-elves present... more
                • No, you're the worst - Connor, Thu Jul 26 17:24
                  Great, now Marley was laughing at him. Connor let out his breath sharply in exasperation and stuck his wand in the pocket of his now grass-stained khakis. Because of course Marley was laughing at... more
                  • Now you're just copying - Marley, Fri Jul 27 23:02
                    There was so much that was backwards in what Connor was saying that for a moment she wasn’t even sure where to start. There was also so much that was baffling that she didn’t know whether to react... more
                    • Now you're just copying - Connor, Sat Jul 28 12:38
                      It wasn’t unusual for Connor to be confused when talking to Marley because she often said things that didn’t make sense. Usually they could be tied back to the conversation as a whole, though, which... more
                      • When she tuned back in, it was a nice change of pace to note that Connor actually wasn’t being all Muggle-phobic or Eurocentric Magick-centric or whatever (he was technically European so... more
                        • All right, the potato was apparently supposed to do that, according to Marley. Although Marley didn’t seem as though she were particularly sure, as she scampered off to see Myffi and check, leaving... more
    • Winding down [TAG: Leo or Nolan} - Myfanwy Owen, Sun Jul 15 16:27
      When it seemed like everyone had settled, Myfanwy indulged in a small baked potato with tomato and herb sauce and a little salad on the side. After she was done eating, and satisfied that at least... more
      • I can roll with this - Leopold Harris, Mon Jul 16 17:53
        Leo had spent the morning with Eugene. In fact he had spent almost every morning since he’d come back to school being dogged by his little brother. At first he’d thought it was kind of endearing to... more
        • Re: I can roll with this - Myfanwy, Tue Jul 17 15:31
          Sitting around a bonfire in the evening of a warm September day, the weather charms creating a soft breeze that lightly brushed along Myffi’s bare forearms, the seventh year felt almost giddy with... more
          • Re: I can roll with this - Leo, Wed Jul 18 22:03
            Cledan sounded like something you might call your owl not a person so of course it made sense that one of Myffi’s friends and/or relative had such a name. She was Welsh after all and it seemed to him ... more
            • Y’all give up on subjects? - Nolan Ramsey, Thu Jul 19 17:20
              Even if they didn’t get to eat the food, Nolan would still participate in AgriClub. Pearl Street was pretty cool, especially now that Nolan could go up and see Quint a few blocks away, but a city was ... more
              • Re: Y’all give up on subjects? - Myffi, Fri Jul 20 15:35
                Leo took a brownie, eagerly consuming almost the whole, roughly cut chunk in one bite. He didn’t object to its taste - history had taught Myfanwy that if Leo didn’t like something he would say so -... more
                • We're just going around in circles - Leo, Mon Jul 23 10:13
                  Leo couldn’t pinpoint the exact time Nolan Ramsey decided to join them. One moment it was just Myffi and him, happily hanging out and then Leo looked around and Nolan was just there . Leo could never ... more
                  • Let’s add a twist - Myffi, Tue Jul 24 04:48
                    This felt like a moment. There was a beautiful dusk, and a crackling bonfire, and Leo was super close. They’d been close before, looking at the same page in a textbook, or even closer, when Leo had... more
                    • How about an olive? - Nolan, Tue Jul 24 16:40
                      “ I feel obliged to inform you that these brownies are legal only for medicinal use where you come from. ” Huh. Well, this was going to be a much more interesting AgriClub event than he had been... more
                      • Nah, too bitter - Leo, Sun Jul 29 11:42
                        Leo’s head was spinning and it had little to do with the brownies. Myffi had just kissed him. Of course Leo had wanted Myffi to kiss him but now that it had happened he wasn’t sure what to do about... more
                        • Would you prefer something sweet? - Myffi, Mon Jul 30 03:43
                          Leo’s reaction was just to sort of look at her. Myffi guessed that, like her, he was trying to figure out what this new twist was all about. Then he laughed a bit, albeit nervously, and Myffi decided ... more
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