Marley Chapman
Oh finally, you're making progress
Thu Jul 19, 2018 16:26

Walking around to admire the assortment of vegetables that had been spread out, Marley’s smile just kept growing bigger. Their little club had started from nothing and grown all of this, and now they were going to eat it! Plants were amazing. And Myffi was just amazing, too, having been the one to come with the idea and slowly build it up from the ground (literally). Glancing over to where the dark-haired girl was standing and chatting with some other club members, she flashed her a grin when they made eye contact and then returned to admiring the pyramid of cucumbers in front of her, although she couldn’t help thinking how much she was going to miss the older Lyra once she graduated. And like, who was gonna be the AgriLeader next year? Probably Nolan, she suspected, since he lived on a farm of some sort. She’d learned a lot about zucchinis from him. Even though she still wasn’t able to spell it, at least not without a second or third try, but fortunately writing wasn’t necessary for gardening.

Well, okay, so she’d had to do a little writing in between helping her white grandma with the weeding and the watering, but that was different. The hardest thing to spell in Grandma Chapman’s garden was thyme, and she was never going to get that one wrong again, not after the first time (heh) two years ago when she had to cross it out and cram the real spelling in underneath on the tiny planter sign, only she’d misspelled it again and no more corrections fit and so Grandma was left picking tyme the rest of summer. It made for a funny story, though, so that was OK. Besides, it wasn’t like Grandma’s balcony planters had enough herbs to ever really get them mixed up. The signs were more for other people to read, people who couldn’t identify herbs at a glance.

Not to imply that Marley’s herb-growing skills were perfect or anything, but she did have a lot of pride in how well the herbs at AgriClub had come along. They had grown all the standard herbs, like basil and mint and rosemary, and even some that were more unique to this part of North America, like sage. Really the only herb they didn’t have that Marley wanted to include next time was lavender, and she really only wanted it so that she could dry it and keep it in her closet so that every time she opened the door it would smell pretty and fresh, and she could grow her own little pot right in her room if she wanted (as long as she could get Mister Sprockets to stop thinking that all leaves were food leaves), so AgriClub didn’t need it. And everything they did need, they already had, so in conclusion, it was basically perfect.

Pausing in front of the bowls of fresh herb cuttings, she took a few sprigs of basil and tucked them into the pocket of her dark purple shirt-dress for temporary storage while she continued debating where to start. She finally decided on a baked potato, but not any baked potato. Of course not. They had a whole world of produce to explore! Making a small cut on the side of a potato, she pressed inside the basil and a piece of tomato (the rest went direct to her mouth for a yummy sweet snack). A bit of cheese and bacon would be great with it too - Marley caught herself, belatedly swallowing back the thought and guiltily shredding a carrot by wand to replace the Definitely Not Vegan options. She was trying, really, but she liked meat and still wasn’t sure how to get rid of it, especially at home where summer meant barbequing with Mum outside their trailer. They also cooked potatoes and corn, but even more often it was burgers and hot-dogs, or sometimes the nicer sausages if they had a sale at Safeway.

Wrapping up her creation in tin foil and neatly folding the ends in, she headed around a bench and towards the fire. But then two things happened very quickly: first, she spotted several pitchers on a table and made a quick turn left, wanting to grab herself a glass of water before she was in front of the warm fire; and second, one of the younger students went stampeding past even more quickly, waving some vegetable stuck on a roasting stick. He didn’t even seem to notice her, and also he was running with a stick that had clearly been sharp enough to stab a beet and could totally stab her too. Not wanting any more human stabbings, Marley turned her sudden left into a right. Except only half her body got the memo.

The other half knocked into someone. Fighting to catch her own balance, Marley only stopped to look at who the someone was after she’d confirmed she was able to keep standing vertical, and then saw the someone was Connor. Because of course it was. “I’m so sorry,” she apologized sincerely, “I don’t know what that kid thinks he’s doing but someone’s gonna get hurt for it.” The fifteen-year-old hesitated a moment and then stuck her hand out in a silent offer to help him up. It was a new term, she was older and mature-r, she looked and felt good tonight, and most importantly, this was AgriClub and she was in a great mood. Nothing was gonna ruin that, not even Connor, no matter how rude he was, no matter how much Dade seemed to think he was after them, nope, none of that.

  • I regret my choices - Connor Farnon, Wed Jul 18 16:41
    Of the things that Connor didn’t like about RMI, Agricultural Club wasn’t near the top of the list. Some of the members of Agricultural Club were near the top of the list, most specifically Marley... more
    • Oh finally, you're making progress - Marley Chapman, Thu Jul 19 16:26
      • Does progress need to be made? - Connor, Mon Jul 23 14:36
        Who else would it be but Marley Chapman. Not someone like her, but the demon herself. Another day, another opportunity for Marley to do something terrible to Connor. Clearly he should have just... more
        • Of course, the first thing Connor did was frown at her. She was all prepared to make some kind of sarcastic apology for having germs but what could she do, she was just human, except he followed up... more
          • Honestly I feel so attacked right now - Connor, Wed Jul 25 16:20
            He should have known that their conversation would end up like this. No matter how polite Connor tried to be, Marley ruined it every time. All he had done was ask if she had experience cooking... more
            • Honestly you're the worst - Marley, Thu Jul 26 16:06
              “This is such a nonsensical way of cooking things…” Marley giggled, which may have made it seem like she was laughing at Connor’s oh-so-very entitled complaint about the lack of house-elves present... more
              • No, you're the worst - Connor, Thu Jul 26 17:24
                Great, now Marley was laughing at him. Connor let out his breath sharply in exasperation and stuck his wand in the pocket of his now grass-stained khakis. Because of course Marley was laughing at... more
                • Now you're just copying - Marley, Fri Jul 27 23:02
                  There was so much that was backwards in what Connor was saying that for a moment she wasn’t even sure where to start. There was also so much that was baffling that she didn’t know whether to react... more
                  • Now you're just copying - Connor, Sat Jul 28 12:38
                    It wasn’t unusual for Connor to be confused when talking to Marley because she often said things that didn’t make sense. Usually they could be tied back to the conversation as a whole, though, which... more
                    • When she tuned back in, it was a nice change of pace to note that Connor actually wasn’t being all Muggle-phobic or Eurocentric Magick-centric or whatever (he was technically European so... more
                      • All right, the potato was apparently supposed to do that, according to Marley. Although Marley didn’t seem as though she were particularly sure, as she scampered off to see Myffi and check, leaving... more
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