If you need to ask that, then it reeeaaally does
Tue Jul 24, 2018 21:01

Of course, the first thing Connor did was frown at her. She was all prepared to make some kind of sarcastic apology for having germs but what could she do, she was just human, except he followed up the frown by actually taking her offered hand. Weird. Marley tried to hide her surprise, although a bit of it probably jumped out through her eyes, and hoisted him up without much difficulty. It was way back in second-ish year that she’d first been worried about getting too strong or muscley and had asked her mum for help balancing that with her Beater training, and Mum had just laughed, and finally stopped laughing to explain to her that it didn’t matter. According to the fashion magazines, strong women weren’t as pretty, but according to Mum, being strong was a great quality and any person should be able to recognize that. She couldn’t say she had never been worried about it since, but it was at least waaay less, and she couldn’t deny there was something satisfying about being able to see the little muscle-curve in her arms too. Obviously she still read fashion magazines, though.

Then, to her even bigger surprise, Connor asked for her help. He’d never done that before, and he had always reacted so rudely whenever she offered help that she’d never expected he would ask for it one day, enough that she’d stopped offering help most of the time - the exception was when they got stuck partnered together in Divinations, because he sucked at it and didn’t have the right perspective to understand what Kaz instructed them to do. But now he was actively asking her to help him. Wow, things had changed. Technically she supposed this particular case didn’t count as ‘asking for help’ so much as ‘asking if she had any knowledge to share and not even specifically asking her to share it, just if she had it’ but, like, those were practically the same thing. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to. Hah.

“You’ve never cooked a potato before?” she fired back, genuinely curious, but quickly recalling how defensive Connor could get when he thought she thought she was better than him because he was actually better than her, or whatever other patriarchal garbage was spinning around his head at the time. “Not questioning your intelligence, don’t get all defensive on me,” she cut herself off, rolling her eyes but offering a grin in an attempt to keep him from getting all defensive about that. “But, yeah, absolutely. We barbeque everything in the summer and that’s no different from a fire. Well, almost.” Barbequing and open flame had a lot of differences, namely the safety aspect (although even though magic fires could be a billion times more dangerous, there was also a lot more safety since, like, Aguamenti, etcetera) and also the fuel (wood still released ozone-destroying gasses, but way less than propane or coal chips, and on top of that she was pretty sure Myffi wouldn’t ever agree to those forms of fuel because of the whole unsustainable resource thing). Also she’d bet her allowance that Connor had no idea what a barbeque was. She didn’t feel the need to explain.

Glancing over at the fire, she studied his foil-wrapped potato for a moment and then turned back to Connor. “Okay,” Marley said, all mostly business, “first off, did you poke it or cut it or anything? ‘Cause if you didn’t break the skin, all the steam’s gonna get stuck inside and it’ll explode, which isn’t great for eating, but it’s funny,” she couldn’t resist adding, grinning at the mental image of Connor getting sprayed by potato guts. Oh, hopefully he hadn’t vented it, or was feeling too better-than-you to retrieve his potato to fix, and it exploded. That would be so satisfying. She had only cut hers a little, but it should be enough... Probably. Temporarily tucking her wand back into the belt of her shirtdress, she took a step back to sit down on one of the benches, unfolded the foil, and gave it an extra poke with a blue-painted pinky nail before wrapping the foil back over tightly. “Also, it’s less hot on the flames, so you should move it more over there,” she suggested, indicating the coals by pulling her wand out again and levitating her own foil-potato over. “And now we wait.”

  • Does progress need to be made? - Connor, Mon Jul 23 14:36
    Who else would it be but Marley Chapman. Not someone like her, but the demon herself. Another day, another opportunity for Marley to do something terrible to Connor. Clearly he should have just... more
    • If you need to ask that, then it reeeaaally does - Marley, Tue Jul 24 21:01
      • Honestly I feel so attacked right now - Connor, Wed Jul 25 16:20
        He should have known that their conversation would end up like this. No matter how polite Connor tried to be, Marley ruined it every time. All he had done was ask if she had experience cooking... more
        • Honestly you're the worst - Marley, Thu Jul 26 16:06
          “This is such a nonsensical way of cooking things…” Marley giggled, which may have made it seem like she was laughing at Connor’s oh-so-very entitled complaint about the lack of house-elves present... more
          • No, you're the worst - Connor, Thu Jul 26 17:24
            Great, now Marley was laughing at him. Connor let out his breath sharply in exasperation and stuck his wand in the pocket of his now grass-stained khakis. Because of course Marley was laughing at... more
            • Now you're just copying - Marley, Fri Jul 27 23:02
              There was so much that was backwards in what Connor was saying that for a moment she wasn’t even sure where to start. There was also so much that was baffling that she didn’t know whether to react... more
              • Now you're just copying - Connor, Sat Jul 28 12:38
                It wasn’t unusual for Connor to be confused when talking to Marley because she often said things that didn’t make sense. Usually they could be tied back to the conversation as a whole, though, which... more
                • When she tuned back in, it was a nice change of pace to note that Connor actually wasn’t being all Muggle-phobic or Eurocentric Magick-centric or whatever (he was technically European so... more
                  • All right, the potato was apparently supposed to do that, according to Marley. Although Marley didn’t seem as though she were particularly sure, as she scampered off to see Myffi and check, leaving... more
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