My head is full of knowledge, okay?
Mon Jan 16, 2017 15:38

If they weren’t next to a big thing of fire, Marissa would probably be shivering. How did Danny produce so much water with that tiny wand? The Aquila was almost tempted to stay by the fire a little longer so she could dry off. Actually, the fire really was helping.

“It’ll heal. Pretty sure your Quidditch team has had me in worse shape than this.”

Marissa grinned at her fellow Chaser. Her last Quidditch practice involved a lot of work with the Beaters; Raja and Justin were probably exhausted after. When she was looking at past yearbooks with Rose, she looked into past Qudditch teams at the school, and having strong Beaters seemed to really benefit Aquila house for a long time. When she asked Aunt Cosette, who sometimes went with her to shop for clothes at the mall, that was confirmed. She even shared with Marissa the different types of practices she led when she was the Aquila Quidditch captain, and she even suggested talking to the school’s Potions professor, who took over the captaincy once Aunt Cosette graduated.

“I’ll fix your lip for you when we don’t need the bubble head charm anymore,” Marissa flashed him a winning smile, “Promise.”

Together, they cast the water charm over the flames and were able to pass through to the next part of the course. It looked like they were working together now instead of against each other, which was probably best for all involved.

She was thankful for the successful bubble head charm she’d been able to cast. The fog was really thick and, she was pretty sure, scented. It was strong enough that she could just catch the smell through her bubble. Marissa looked over at Danny and nodded, almost shivering for a moment. Damn it, when are my clothes going to dry?

“Yeah, I think just an air charm will do. I think we can just blow the fog out of our way.” She raised her wand and pointed it just ahead of her. “You ready?”

  • Better than empty headed - Danny, Mon Jan 16 05:43
    Another advantage of dousing Marissa, besides revenge, was that she was now wet in a sports bra. “What?” Danny asked, her words not matching his thoughts. Then he realised she was talking about his... more
    • My head is full of knowledge, okay? - Marissa, Mon Jan 16 15:38
      • Okay. Just not useful knowledge. - Danny, Mon Jan 16 17:02
        “I’ll fix your lip for you when we don’t need the bubble head charm anymore,” Marissa offered. “Thanks, but I’ll pass,” he said, warily. He was not certain she had eptitude in healing spells. Spells... more
        • Marissa noticed the wariness in his voice, which she found to be a little unfair. She said she was sorry, she meant it, and she thought it had come out very genuine. Danny clearly didn’t trust her... more
          • Usefulness is to be commended - Danny, Wed Jan 18 15:51
            How was she still cold? The water from his charm but have been icy . If he’d have known that, Danny wasn’t sure he would have gone through with it. Maybe. Dardanius himself was actually pretty warm,... more
            • I do what I can - Marissa, Wed Jan 18 17:27
              Marissa could tell that her shivering was making Danny feel uncomfortable or something. She was a good actress. She wasn’t the best – she’d never do fancy stuff like her mom did, and she didn’t want... more
              • You sure do - Danny, Fri Jan 20 05:07
                Once Marissa was in his shoulders, Danny shakily stood, using the sheer face of the wall for support, raising his companion sufficiently that she could haul herself onto the top of the wall. That was ... more
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