Georgina Philpott
Wasting Time
Tue Aug 21, 2018 16:00

Her year mates were a classically mixed bag. Georgina liked her roommate, Violet, even though the other girl was rather a brat. It was like sharing a room with a sister (except probably not for Vi, who already had a sister, and Gigi was getting strong vibes that they didnít get along), in that they got along okay most of the time but sometimes Gigi had to put Vi in her place and then the other girl would retaliate by emptying her sock drawer or putting shampoo on her toothbrush. Georgina threw her hairbrush at Vi one time she was being particularly annoying, and it hit her square on the forehead, so they each gave as good as they got.

The boys in her House, Grayson and Elliot, were both nerdy and excitable, which was much better than nerdy and reclusive. Gigi had heard that Graysonís brother landed himself in hospital by trying to make a Quod, and Elliotís mother owned a bar in NYC. These two snippets of information had basically formed her initial preference for Nerd Phippen over Nerd Ioma, but hey, it was early days yet.

As for the others who had been prominent enough in Gigiís first couple of months at school to make an impression, Leah seemed quiet but in a shy way, not a keep the hell away from me way; Tycho was more excitable than the Aquila nerds put together, and also sticky. Norah was kind of prissy but otherwise so far inoffensive, Eugene seemed nice but Gigi hadnít had chance to talk to him much yet, and Jarrett was so sweet, but also a total teacherís pet, and that was getting real old real quick. Sadie and Joey both had staff relatives (aunt, maybe, both of them?) so Georgina had smiled at them lots but otherwise given them a wide berth, and Vivica was quite possibly a whole barrel of pent up crazy ready to explode at any given moment.

The professors were eh, more or less okay. Boot was a complete joke but as history could be learned from a textbook anyway, Georgina wasnít concerned about learning enough to pass that class then drop it like a hot potato at the first available opportunity. Rob was a riot - literally the best person to be Head of Aquila House - and if any of the staff had guessed that Gigi was Christianís daughter, nobody had mentioned it yet. She would be happy to keep it that way.

Everything about the school was on some level of okay-to-fine. The food was excellent, not having technology sucked, sharing a room could go screw itself but Gigi was stuck with that. The Aquila did miss being outdoors though. She had never considered herself to be an outdoorsy sort of person, but spending the past decade with mostly cows for neighbours had made her accustomed to trees, open fields, orchards to climb and scrump, hay bales to stack into forts, blackberries and sweet chestnuts to forage. The underground school just wasnít providing a stimulating environment, but the outdoor classroom - misleadingly named, as it was as underground as the rest of it - would have to do.

The soles of her converse planted on the grass, Gigi lay on her back, with knees encased in black skinny jeans pointing up at the sky. A long red sweater protruded beneath a cropped black sweater that had the top half only of a four-letter-word in silver block capitals across its front. Her obnoxiously curly, dark brown hair was almost completely concealing the first yearís arms, folded behind her head for comfort as she watched fake magic clouds move across a fake magic sky.

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