Okay. Just not useful knowledge.
Mon Jan 16, 2017 17:02

“I’ll fix your lip for you when we don’t need the bubble head charm anymore,” Marissa offered.

“Thanks, but I’ll pass,” he said, warily. He was not certain she had eptitude in healing spells. Spells for parties, yes, Marissa could do those. He would trust her with those. Spells that might permanently disfigure his face were a different matter entirely.

Luckily Marissa had a good idea about clearing the next challenge, and she seemed okay with working together. Danny was pleased, mostly because he was already injured by her hand, and he didn’t want it to get worse. She also seemed to be… shivering, though. He couldn’t help but laugh, before asking, “Are you cold?” He didn’t have a jacket with him or we would have passed it over. He supposed that was a trade-off of wearing practically nothing to class. “I’m sorry,” he grinned, not sounding very sorry.

“You ready?” she asked, preparing to do the spell she had suggested. Dardanius raised his wand in tandem and cast the spell they had been taught in class, successfully blowing away the fog. He then removed the charms he had cast on himself, and readied himself to set off again.

“Come one,” he started jogging along the track. “Speed is key, or something,” he grinned, paraphrasing the professor. He was pretty sure - not certain, but pretty sure - that he could run faster than Marissa, but as they were sort of working together now he didn’t plan on leaving her behind. Which was just as well, because the next task seemed to be a sheer wall. Danny slowed a little as it loomed above them.

Danny looked at Marissa critically for a moment, trying to ignore the features that his eyes would usually be drawn to, and assessed her size and weight instead. He was just about taller than her, and probably weighed a bit more, but there wasn’t much in it. If they were going to be climbing on each other to get over the wall, he would probably be chivalrous and let her stand on his shoulders. “We could try shrinking it,” he said without any enthusiasm, because he suspected Professor Rasnick would have made this particular obstacle infallible.

  • My head is full of knowledge, okay? - Marissa, Mon Jan 16 15:38
    If they weren’t next to a big thing of fire, Marissa would probably be shivering. How did Danny produce so much water with that tiny wand? The Aquila was almost tempted to stay by the fire a little... more
    • Okay. Just not useful knowledge. - Danny, Mon Jan 16 17:02
      • Marissa noticed the wariness in his voice, which she found to be a little unfair. She said she was sorry, she meant it, and she thought it had come out very genuine. Danny clearly didn’t trust her... more
        • Usefulness is to be commended - Danny, Wed Jan 18 15:51
          How was she still cold? The water from his charm but have been icy . If he’d have known that, Danny wasn’t sure he would have gone through with it. Maybe. Dardanius himself was actually pretty warm,... more
          • I do what I can - Marissa, Wed Jan 18 17:27
            Marissa could tell that her shivering was making Danny feel uncomfortable or something. She was a good actress. She wasn’t the best – she’d never do fancy stuff like her mom did, and she didn’t want... more
            • You sure do - Danny, Fri Jan 20 05:07
              Once Marissa was in his shoulders, Danny shakily stood, using the sheer face of the wall for support, raising his companion sufficiently that she could haul herself onto the top of the wall. That was ... more
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