Georgina Philpott
Take Two
Sun Sep 23, 2018 14:52

Midterm had been so very awkward and surreal. To start off it had be so much fun, seeing her parents - especially her Dad - so excited to see her, and catching up with her friends had been like lighting the first fire of the winter and watching the flames leap into life after a summer of silence. But the fire had burnt out quickly. Gigi still liked Liam and Karinder loads, but it turned out that four months was a long time. They’d started secondary school in the town over, and they knew all sorts of people that Gigi had never heard of. The ice cream parlour she’d been going to since she was five years old had changed ownership and gotten all weird and hipster. She couldn’t talk about her classes or her magic with her Muggle friends, and they didn’t want to know about her new peers any more than she wanted to know about theirs. It had been fun, but it had also kind of sucked.

Georgina was almost relieved to get back to school. She even didn’t mind having to go back to sharing a room with Violet, even though the other girl was rather a brat. They weren’t especially close, but they talked about all sorts of things, just all the time. Sometimes Vi would bitch and moan, mostly about her older sister, and sometimes Gigi would bitch and moan, mostly about her professors or other students, and just occasionally they lost their tempers with each other, but there was a familiar consistency that was hard to knock.

Aside from her love-hate relationship with Violet, Georgina did feel like she was struggling to make friends. The boys in her House, Grayson and Elliot, were both nerdy and excitable, which was much better than nerdy and reclusive. Gigi guessed that she was not friends, exactly, with Elliot, but they had formed some sort of camaraderie because he swore just as much as she did (which some squares had real trouble with, apparently). Besides, she had already identified Nerd Phippen, Teacher’s Pet Embers and the Sticky Kid as the in-crowd and nothing yet had proved her wrong.

Everything else about the school had dulled from her first impressions (except the food, which was still excellent) and coming back to live literally underground after two weeks of fresh air - at home Georgina had mostly cows for neighbours, and a house surrounded by open fields, orchards and streams - wasn’t a welcoming prospect. As had happened before, Gigi found herself wandering to the outdoor classroom for some respite from the suffocating feeling of being indoors.

It wasn’t as cold here as it had been in Herefordshire, but it was still January, and the magic that regulated the weather down here was letting the students know it was still winter, so the Aquila had an oversized, black knitted scarf - run through with silver metallic threads - wrapped twice around her neck. She hugged her black skinny jeans-covered knees to her as she sat on an obliging tree stump, wrapping arms swathed in a thick purple sweater around her. She should have brought her coat, but she thought maybe she could pull off a warming charm if she became desperate: she’d seen her Mum do them enough times.

Gigi hadn’t been expecting company, but she didn’t mind it when another person did join her in the clearing. “Back to reality,” she commented by way of greeting.

    • Two what? - Sadie Embers, Sun Sep 23 23:15
      Holidays back home were different this year. Usually, Christmas Day was spent at the McTennant home. Her mom tried explaining the family situation before, but it didn’t make much sense. None of them... more
      • You mean Too-wit - Georgina, Tue Sep 25 15:13
        Teacher’s Pet Embers was wearing flashy gold trainers, but that was not the most remarkable thing about her. The girl had been scrawled all over with black pen. Gigi couldn’t make it all out at first ... more
        • To-whit? - Sadie, Mon Oct 1 20:39
          Sadie let out a very satisfying laugh. She thought about pranking Vivica sometimes, but the girl seemed a little off. The Cetus didn’t find anything wrong with that, of course. Vivica was allowed to... more
          • To-woo - Gigi, Mon Oct 15 14:57
            It turned out that Sadie understood the prankster-style relationship of Gigi and her roomie after all. Teacher’s Pet laughed at the tale, and confessed her mom was an Aquila. Georgina suppressed a... more
            • Tutu! - Sadie, Mon Oct 29 16:53
              Sadie sat up a little more in excitement because of course she wanted to talk about butterfly knives. They were awesome! “So they’re these little pocket knives with two handles. The blade hides in... more
              • To you, too! - Gigi, Thu Nov 1 17:45
                Georgina wasn’t typically a fan of weaponry - obviously katanas were cool, and she’d discovered she was a decent shot with an air rifle at Mia Jones’ birthday party last summer, but carrying knives... more
                • To all! - Sadie, Sun Nov 4 21:28
                  If Sadie thought about it, she wouldn’t call all of the classes boring. Defense Against the Dark Arts was fun, even if it meant spending time with her Aunt Cindra. It was odd. Aunt Cindra hadn’t... more
                  • To all a goodnight - Gigi, Thu Nov 8 15:51
                    Either this was some elaborate wind up, or there were honest-to-Merlin secret passageways in the doldrums more officially referred to as Rocky Mountain International. If her Dad knew about them she... more
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