You mean Too-wit
Tue Sep 25, 2018 15:13

Teacher’s Pet Embers was wearing flashy gold trainers, but that was not the most remarkable thing about her. The girl had been scrawled all over with black pen. Gigi couldn’t make it all out at first glance but when Sadie sunk unceremoniously down next to her the words ‘respect’ and ‘property’ were visible in multiple locations. “Got into a fight with a portrait,” she explained before Gigi even had a chance to ask. The statement was simultaneously both so believable and so absurd that Georgina didn’t know what to do with it. “How about you?”

Gigi shrugged. “Rubbed talc into V’s pillow and bedsheets so she turns white when she sleeps tonight,” she detailed the most recently activity she had completed before coming to the not-so-inside-as-the-rest-of-the-school classroom. “White-er,” she corrected. In the winter months, like now, Georgina usually passed for white anyway. Even when her skin tanned back up in the summer it was still several shades lighter than Sadie’s, but her own wildly curly hair was a darker shade of brown. “It’s how we communicate,” the British girl added, just in case her yearmate thought she was being mean to Violet or whatever. Another Aquila would understand that pranking your roomie was just part of life (especially when Violet reacted so hilariously - she was practically encouraging Gigi to keep it up) but Sadie was in Cetus, and they liked rules or whatever. Although if Embers had just been trying to Sharpie a portrait as she claimed, maybe she was less of a Teacher’s Pet than Gigi had pegged her for.

“You get the foot bling from your folks?” she asked, unable to stop glancing at Sadie’s shiny shoes. Gigi’s own converse were tatty and ancient, with holes in the side that she kept fixing with magic but they kept opening right back on up again. She had a newer pair in her dormitory, hidden in a box under her bed so Vi would leave them the hell alone, with cute little silver glitter stars on the back, but these ones were just comfy. They were worn completely to Gigi’s precise requirements of not feeling like she was actually wearing shoes at all. They also let in a lot of the cold, but whatever, she hadn’t been out here that long and it wasn’t like she was on an expedition to the North Pole or anything. She’d live. “Or d’you stand too close to a sneezing fairy or what?”

  • Two what? - Sadie Embers, Sun Sep 23 23:15
    Holidays back home were different this year. Usually, Christmas Day was spent at the McTennant home. Her mom tried explaining the family situation before, but it didn’t make much sense. None of them... more
    • You mean Too-wit - Georgina, Tue Sep 25 15:13
      • To-whit? - Sadie, Mon Oct 1 20:39
        Sadie let out a very satisfying laugh. She thought about pranking Vivica sometimes, but the girl seemed a little off. The Cetus didn’t find anything wrong with that, of course. Vivica was allowed to... more
        • To-woo - Gigi, Mon Oct 15 14:57
          It turned out that Sadie understood the prankster-style relationship of Gigi and her roomie after all. Teacher’s Pet laughed at the tale, and confessed her mom was an Aquila. Georgina suppressed a... more
          • Tutu! - Sadie, Mon Oct 29 16:53
            Sadie sat up a little more in excitement because of course she wanted to talk about butterfly knives. They were awesome! “So they’re these little pocket knives with two handles. The blade hides in... more
            • To you, too! - Gigi, Thu Nov 1 17:45
              Georgina wasn’t typically a fan of weaponry - obviously katanas were cool, and she’d discovered she was a decent shot with an air rifle at Mia Jones’ birthday party last summer, but carrying knives... more
              • To all! - Sadie, Sun Nov 4 21:28
                If Sadie thought about it, she wouldn’t call all of the classes boring. Defense Against the Dark Arts was fun, even if it meant spending time with her Aunt Cindra. It was odd. Aunt Cindra hadn’t... more
                • To all a goodnight - Gigi, Thu Nov 8 15:51
                  Either this was some elaborate wind up, or there were honest-to-Merlin secret passageways in the doldrums more officially referred to as Rocky Mountain International. If her Dad knew about them she... more
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