Myfanwy Owen
Never seen you before
Sun Sep 30, 2018 14:56

It didnít often snow at Rocky Mountain, at least not in the three years that Myfanwy had frequented the school. The weather here didnít come with forecasts or warnings, and because she wasnít expecting more than a light frost - experience had taught her thatís all the winter weather her magically-regulated underground school would offer - she had not prepared the plants for any frozen precipitation. The winter peas were looking decidedly sorry for themselves, the lettuce leaves were shriveled and torn, and there was no way of knowing whether the potato plants had survived beneath the surface. Myffi was disappointed, but at least it was only a couple of weeks until the club could start planting out the Spring harvest.

Having tended as best she could to the allotment, Myffi couldnít shake her frown, and she didnít want to go back into the school and be among people until she could turn that grim expression upside down. An oversized green sweater pulled down over thick, grey leggings and ethically-sourced sheepskin-lined boots (she had known the farmer who made the boots, so she knew the sheep were well tended and responsibly sheared to provide this warmth) was keeping out the worst of the January chill; the seventh year pulled a knitted snood - autumnal burnt orange in colour - from her canvas bag and wrapped it around her head and shoulders before taking a soul-soothing walk around the pitch.

Feeling better, Myffi planned on heading back into the school building when she saw an abandoned wand on the ground. That in itself was unusual and suspicious, and when the Head Girl stood to pick it up, she noticed it was familiar, too: she was fairly sure this was Russellís wand, and that was even more unusual and suspicious. ďRussell?Ē Myffi called tentatively, although she hadnít seen another person while she had been out here (it was probably too chilly for many of the students to enjoy, but for a Welshgirl who had emigrated to California the cooler weather was a welcome reprise). No answer came from Myffiís call, which was unsurprising, given the vacant pitch, but perplexing.

Deciding that Russell had dropped his wand and just not noticed, Myfanwy decided to go back to school to try and locate him. It was then she heard the strangest sound she had ever heard, and, following the noise, saw the most bizarre creature she had ever seen. ďWhat on Godís green Earth is that?Ē she said aloud to herself. The thing was too small to be scary but gosh it was ugly.

  • Not feeling very armachillo - Russell Drew, Wed Sep 26 18:19
    At his Animagus session last week, Russell had succeeded in doing the impossible: he turned into an animal. Well, okay, as a child he had been thoroughly convinced that animal shapeshifting was... more
    • Never seen you before - Myfanwy Owen, Sun Sep 30 14:56
      • I'm normally a background role - Russell, Mon Oct 1 14:59
        Russell screamed again. And then stopped, because now that he was no longer running the biggest (well, only) marathon of his life, he was feeling cold. In this form, there was a fair amount of hair... more
        • It's your time to shine - Myfanwy, Mon Oct 15 16:11
          The strange little creature was propelling itself towards her, so ungainly that Myffi could only assume these creatures were not used to running. Then it sneezed, and Myffi felt sorry for the poor... more
          • I don't wanna! - Russell, Mon Oct 22 18:26
            Russell was saved arguably saved, but definitely at least distracted, from wondering about the proportion of bugs in an armadilloís diet and whether or not he would be able to stomach the thought of... more
            • That's you all over - Myffi, Fri Nov 30 15:55
              She picked the little critter up, and it let her, without making any more of that peculiar screaming sound, and without trying to run away or bite her or anything else that might have made her rescue ... more
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