I don't wanna!
Mon Oct 22, 2018 18:26

Russell was saved arguably saved, but definitely at least distracted, from wondering about the proportion of bugs in an armadillo’s diet and whether or not he would be able to stomach the thought of eating bugs while in his animal form by the sound of Myffi laughing overhead. Was she laughing at him? Seriously? It seemed recently enough that he’d recovered from his childhood fears of being automatically disliked by everyone, and now someone was laughing in his face. And that someone was Myffi, of all people. The only people he might expect that less from would be Maverick and Holland. Granted, he wasn’t sure that Maverick wouldn’t laugh at an animal if given a reason, but he definitely hadn’t thought Myffi was the type to laugh at animals at all, no matter how weird she apparently thought armadillos were.

“You’re not at all fussed to be out’ere, are you?”

On the contrary, he was very fussed about it, and not enjoying his time outdoors one bit. He tried making this point to Myffi in a manner that didn’t involve screaming, but the resulting chattering that might have been an actual sound or might have been because his face was as cold and jittery as his fingers-and/or-toes were starting to feel made about as much sense to him as he imagined the screaming had made to her. So it’d probably been useless, in other words. Or not words.

But then he heard a quiet clunking sort of noise that sounded unexplainably like a stick and smelt unexplainably like not just a stick, and Russell realized that it must be his wand. Where was it?! He vaguely observed the Myffi-blob getting larger and closer to him, and snuffled in her direction suspiciously. What had she done with it? And what was she doing with that, whatever it was that she was moving towards him? Was she trying to pick him up? That sounded all kinds of unpleasant. Still better than being in the frost, though, and he grumpily puffed at her once more before reluctantly allowing himself to be picked up. Within moments, however, he couldn’t see the ground anymore. Logically he couldn’t be more than a few feet up, but the ground was gone. It wasn’t there. He regretted everything.

Russell’s moment of panicked scramble resulted in him rolling out of Myffi’s hands and thankfully into her bag instead of splat on the ground - and right on top of his wand! He still had no way of grabbing it, but attempted curling around it in what he was certain was in no way a possessive stance, gauging by Myffi’s annoyingly amused reactions to him so far. If she laughed at him again, he would… Umm well he couldn’t do much, honestly. Being an armadillo was proving pretty useless.

  • It's your time to shine - Myfanwy, Mon Oct 15 16:11
    The strange little creature was propelling itself towards her, so ungainly that Myffi could only assume these creatures were not used to running. Then it sneezed, and Myffi felt sorry for the poor... more
    • I don't wanna! - Russell, Mon Oct 22 18:26
      • That's you all over - Myffi, Fri Nov 30 15:55
        She picked the little critter up, and it let her, without making any more of that peculiar screaming sound, and without trying to run away or bite her or anything else that might have made her rescue ... more
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